Is Leslie Jones Married?

With her latest stand-up release on Netflix, no one can doubt Leslie Jones is among the biggest names in comedy. A side-splitting show on Saturday night live has contributed to her fame, winning her an Emmy nomination. Leslie is also set to appear in the Coming 2 America movie. Well, who is the lucky man in her life?

There has been confusion on whether this queen of comedy is married or not; if yes, to whom? Is she hiding her dating life from the public? These are questions that need answers. Well, grab a glass of water and sit tight because I am about to give you the answers.

Is Kyle Mooney her man?

Brilliant sketches aired on Saturday Night Live fueled the rumor of the two being an item.  However, Leslie and Kyle (Saturday Night Live co-star) are not dating or married. Sorry guys, especially to Leslie and Kyle shippers out there; this must be some bad news to you all. Many of you must have been duped by sketches that went live on Saturday Night Live, and if that is the case, you can now smile because you could be forgiven.

Alongside her co-star Kyle Mooney, Leslie returned to a long-running sketch series during the final season of Saturday Night Live. The sketch “Leslie & Kyle” follows the two actors as they act out a fake relationship for laughs. The sketch aimed to make audiences laugh, but the most recent sketch, which premiered in May 2019, left fans wondering if there was more to their sketch than making the audience happy.

During the sketch, her partner Mooney joked how the sketch appeared so genuine that the audience might want to connect dots, but Jones refuted the joke by saying that such thinking would be ridiculous.  A response that was followed by flirting and performing a musical number. As much as it is still difficult to believe if they are together, the simple answer is no.

Is she ready for a relationship, or what?

On 4TH OF JULY 2017, through her Twitter handle, Leslie informed her followers that she was single despite her earlier claims of having a secret lover. She revealed that she had a bit of terrible luck with men: “Just so everyone knows. There was never a secret boyfriend. I have terrible luck with men. Real talk. They do not like me lol!!,” she tweeted.

Leslie’s Kind of man?

Being single does not stop Leslie from disclosing the kind of man she would love to have in her life. She admits to loving what she calls “goofy men” that can keep her laughing all day.

So, if you are a single, handsome, goofy man and you have been crushing on Leslie jones, it is time to strike your best shot. However, make it in haste as she has a massive following that might have a similar interest to win this SNL veteran’s heart.

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