Is Seth Rollins Hispanic?

Many people enjoy reading stories about wrestlers from Iowa. In contrast, some of you are interested in learning more about why rumors exist that Seth Rollins isn’t actually Hispanic despite having some Mexican ties.

I’m sure you’d like to find out the answer if you’re one of those individuals who wondered what was going on with these rumors too.

Seth Rollins Ethnicity

Seth Rollins is a WWE star who has been part of the ring for years. He was born in Iowa but grew up and still lives in Davenport, IA. His dad and mom were both very athletic, and he became interested early on in following his parent’s footsteps towards athletics as well.

Seth talks about how it was important for him to hold onto his Mexican heritage despite growing up around white people. While growing up he knew that side of himself so well from visiting Mexico every other year than living there until the age of 16 when they moved back permanently to America.

Seth Rollins father is of German/Austrian descent, while his mother is Cuban. When he was born in 1986, the doctors thought that he had a twin because they could not find one arm on him!

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Is Seth Rollins Hispanic?

Nope! Seth is half Irish and German. His biological father was Armenian, and that is why he has the name, Lopez. At one point, Rollins stated that:

My last name is Lopez, and I have a darker complexion, which throws people for a loop. My mother’s first husband is Mexican. That’s where I got Lopez. I grew up eating Mexican food at home, but he was very American. He didn’t grow up in Mexico or speak Spanish.

At times throughout college, though, many questioned whether or not Seth Rollins was Hispanic due to some rumors spreading quickly online, but all this seems like nothing more than just Internet rumors. In fact, Rollins has been seen on WWE television with his father and brothers, all wearing a Mexican wrestling mask to show their pride in the heritage that they come from.

This all seems like a fun and interesting way for them to show their heritage, though, and no one would even question it if they didn’t do this. The real truth is that Rollins comes from very diverse family roots, including Mexican ties and Armenian ones!

So, there you have it, folks. Rollins wears his ethnicity as a badge of honor. While he acknowledges that he is not entirely Hispanic, he respects their culture as he grew up in Mexico for most of his life.