Bryan Cranston’s Net Worth Before Breaking Bad Was Almost Nonexistent

Bryan Cranston has one of the most impressive careers in Hollywood.

He appeared on Broadway, acted in major motion pictures, and the blockbuster Walter White role in AMC’s Breaking Bad. 

But did Bryan Cranston have any money before he became a household name?

What Was Bryan Cranston’s Net Worth Before Breaking Bad?

Bryan Cranston’s net worth before Breaking Bad is not known as it was almost nonexistent.

Before May 2008, when Breaking Bad aired, Bryan had not been earning any significant paychecks at all from acting roles. According to the LA Times, things were looking pretty bleak for him. In fact, his wife was working three jobs at one point to support their family of four! 

When the film aired back in 2008, it ultimately earned him more than double what he’d achieved previously.

Currently, the actor’s net worth is estimated at $30 million, much more than he made before the show aired. It is safe to say that Breaking Bad was the pedestal that spearheaded the actor’s career in the right direction.

Real Estate

Cranston purchased several real estate properties with the spoils he got from acting. He has homes in New York, Hollywood Beach, and Malibu. According to public records, Cranston purchased a house in the Pacific Palisades for $896k back in 1993. With his current net worth of $30 million, it is evident that the actor is spoilt for choice on where to spend his dough. 

His first purchase was a modest one-bedroom apartment at Manhattan Plaza, which cost him around $120 thousand. This property now costs an amount within three times as much as what Bryan paid for it. 

In 2009 Cranston sold this apartment to finance another home purchase at The Beresford, where he currently resides with his wife, Robin Dearden.

In 2012, Bryan bought a house in Hollywood Beach for $880k. This was his second property purchase after selling off a New York apartment for an undisclosed sum of money during that year.

As you may have noticed, the actor acquired most of his property after his Breaking Bad gig. You can only imagine what one major role can do to your class!