Is Seth Macfarlane Gay?

A few decades ago, coming out of the closet in Hollywood and declaring yourself gay was something unimaginable, not to mention that it would greatly hurt your career. 

But, times have changed and being ashamed of your sexual preferences is now long behind us. 

Not only are there thousands of LGBTQ+ members all over Hollywood, but gay characters seem to appear in almost every new movie released nowadays. 

While most gay actors and actresses have openly confessed to that in the past few years, there are some that still keep it behind closed doors. 

One Hollywood celebrity that especially has a veil of mystery surrounding his sexuality is Seth Macfarlane. 

Let’s try and remove that veil. 

Is Seth Macfarlane Gay?

The main reason why people are asking this question is because of his very vocal support of gay rights, and of course, his lack of a significant other. 

Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t make you African-American. The same rule applies to Seth’s case.

In an interview he gave in 2015, Seth made some comments on the fact that at the time, gay people didn’t have the right to be legally married. He also talked about the hypocrisy he was witnessing in Hollywood. 

He said that it is ‘’ idiotic and infuriating that a man can legally be married to a woman, and then beat the shit out of her, but these two intelligent writers (implying to two writers he partnered up with) who have been together for 15 years can’t get married?’’ 

While it’s true that he never married, he did have more than enough relationships with a couple of gorgeous women. One of them is the queen of dragons herself, Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke)

Considering all of these facts, we can safely conclude that Seth Macfarlane is not gay. He is a big supporter of the LGBT community, though.  

 He is just a talented, career-driven individual who never saw himself as a family guy.