Is Rooney Mara From a Rich Family? Net Worth Explored

While becoming a successful actor/actress in Hollywood is a life-changer for most celebrities, not all of them are in it for financial benefits. 

Some have been wealthy ever since they were little and got into the acting business strictly for their love and talent. 

Is Rooney Mara one of the rich kids? We know she is now, but let’s check out if her family has been wealthy before she became a popular actress. 

Was Rooney Mara from Born Rich? 

The answer is yes – before Rooney stepped into the acting world, she already grew up in an extremely wealthy family. 

Her family acquired most of their wealth through the American football industry. As it turns out, the Maras own quite a few stocks in the NFL. Her mother, Kathleen, owns the NFL club Pittsburgh Steelers while her father Timothy owns the New York Giants. 

Rooney Mara’s net worth is close to $16 million, while her family is worth as much as $3 billion.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1925 to be precise, the president of the NFL chose Tim Mara to create a professional team that would compete in the NFL. He invested only $500 and paid the New York NFL franchise. 

Since the NFL was not as popular in America as it is today, it took time for the club to rise. But over time, as more games were played, the New York Giants became a big NFL team. Therefore, Timothy’s grandfather, Tim, founded one of the most profitable teams in the NFL today. 

Even though she is practically a billionaire, Rooney lives a very private life out of the media with her husband. She tries to spend as much time as she can with her family, while also focusing on developing her career even further.


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Is Rooney Her Real Name?

One interesting fact about Rooney Mara is that it is not even her real name.

Her lineage comes from the Rooney Mara family, and her full name is Patricia Rooney Mara.

She decided to remove “Patricia” from her name for unknown reasons and is now known just as Rooney Mara.