Is Personal Injury Court Real? The True Story Behind Popular TV Show

Personal Injury Court is a legal courtroom program that debuted in September 2019.

Gino Brogdon Personal Injury Court

The show joined other court shows such as Couples Court, Divorce Court, and Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court.

Is the Personal Injury Court real or fake?

It is staged and fake but the cases are inspired by real court events and litigations but the names are changed for privacy reasons.

How is the Personal Injury Court scripted and filmed?

For this part, let’s consider one actual episode from the show.

In one case, a lady trying on a wedding gown fell off a platform breaking her leg. Do you remember this one?

Recall Brogdon’s composure and wit when dealing with this case.

By now, you should know that Brogdon knows the actual outcomes of the case. He knows the result ahead of time!

The producers ensure that Brogdon articulates the underlying legal principles in the case to educate you.

In this episode, Brogdon split the difference down the middle as both parties bore some fault.

Who acts in Personal Injury Court?

As you may have noted, the show is well documented to epitomize the typical court setting.

There are witnesses, a defendant and the claimant.

Each party dramatizes its role in a mock trial.

The claimant alleges and proves while the defendant attempts to debunk their claims.

In the end, Brogdon arrives at a well-reasoned legal solution then bangs the gavel!

The show is a re-enactment of actual court cases with pertinent personal information omitted.

The claimants and defendants’ semi-scripted renditions of the actual court events.