How did Nicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly meet?

The gorgeous 28-year-old Bryana Holly and the popular actor from Berkshire Nicholas Hoult started dating back in 2017.

Bryana and Nicholas welcomed their first baby in 2018.

The two keep their dating life very private, so here’s the little information we were able to dig out.

Who is Bryana Holly?

Bryana Holly (full name Bryana Holly Keilana Bezlaj) is an American model, mostly recognized for her modeling for Playboy.

The stunning model Bryana turned 28 years old in 2021.

She carries Russian, Slovenian, Hawaiian, and even Japanese heritage in her blood, so it’s not a surprise that she can speak several languages, including Russian and Slovenian.

Her modeling career goes as far back as 2012, when she became “Miss September” for the TransWorld Surf Magazine, at the age of 21.

Bryana went on to appear on the cover of the “Fit For Fun”, as well as in the catalogs for retailers Zooshoo and Gypsum in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015, at the age of 23, Bryana’s success in modeling rose quickly as she featured in the most popular modeling magazine, Playboy.

This was the peak of her modeling career, and the photos from Playboy also landed her jobs with other modeling agencies such as “Wilhelmina Models” and “No Ties Management”.

As for Bryana’s dating life, in 2014 the paparazzi caught her in public with the Australian businessman James Douglas Packer, however, she did not confirm the rumors about the two actually dating.

In the following year, Bryana Holly went public on social media about her relationship with the 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin.

The couple dated for a year before calling it quits.

Nicholas Hoult career and personal life

The 32-year-old handsome actor Nicholas Hoult has recently come into the Hollywood spotlight because of his major roles in the TV series “The Great” (2021) and “Crossing Swords” (2020). 

Season 2 of The Great is looking amazing, so get your popcorn and watch it now!

Hoult’s acting career took off back in 1996 when he was an 8-year-old boy!

He rose to fame with his roles in “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Warm Bodies”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and “Dark Phoenix”.

When it comes to Hoult’s dating life, very little is known about his past.

The exception is his 4-year-long relationship with the beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The couple was seen together in public at the SAG Awards event in 2011.

It was really exciting to see the two together on the red carpet events and such, since they’ve also kept their relationship quiet.

There was no bad blood between Jennifer and Nicholas after the two split up in 2014.

Bryana Holly and Nicholas Hoult timeline

Nicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly met in 2017, although the two are so secretive about their relationship that it’s really hard to pinpoint how and where they’ve met.

Since they never announced that Bryana’s pregnant, to everyone’s surprise, the couple had a baby in 2018.

The baby’s gender still remains hidden, and Nicholas spoke about their “genderless” approach, saying they want to shield their baby from the public.

Nicholas also spoke about their experience being parents, admitting it’s very tiresome, but it fills their hearts to see their kid change and grow every day.