Is Journee Smollet related to Little Richard?

The internet has been buzzing with rumors of late that Jurnee Smollett, the actress from Empire, is Little Richard’s relative. It’s no secret that the Smollet family is pretty close. They have been in the public eye for decades and are probably one of the most famous families on TV right now. People often wonder if Jurnee Smollet is related to Little Richard from The Munsters with all this fame.

Check out what the facts are about their relationship.

Jurnee Smollett Background

Jurnee Smollet is the daughter of actress, singer, and songwriter Janet Jackson. She has one older sister named Latoya, who famously married music producer Rene Elizondo Jr in 1991.

Jurnee Smollett was born on November 17, 1986. At just a little more than two months old, she made an appearance on Family Matters as Mary-Frances. She appeared for nine episodes until 1995.

She is best known for her role as ‘Whitley’ in the hit show The Game (2006). Most recently, you might remember her on Fox’s drama Empire playing as Vivian. Smollett began her acting career at the age of four, appearing in commercials for several national companies.

Little Richard Background

Little Richard is known for many things, but chief among those is his string of hits from the 1950s. Do you recall Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally, and other raucous tunes that brought to life a brand new sound called rock ‘n’ roll? Well, that was Little Richard!

Richard had quite an interesting childhood as well. He was born into poverty in 1932 by two parents who were both deaf. Therefore, he was forced to leave school and work on a plantation picking cotton with extended family members. And, at a very tender age!

Against all odds, Richard Little rose to prominence with his early singles Tutti Frutti (1955) and Long Tall Sally. Amazingly, both tunes were covered by The Beatles, an enigmatic band that was cock of the walk.

Unfortunately, Little Richard fell into drug abuse towards the end of his career. But legends will be legends. He managed to get a second wind and continued to tour. To date, Little Richard is an icon among Rock n Roll fans.

Is Jurnee Smollet related to Little Richard?

No. Smollet and Richard are not directly related. However, there is a rumor that they share some common ancestors. There is no hard evidence that the two have any ties at all.

This has been an internet rumor for quite some time now. As usual with such rumor mills, there is zilch proof! Indeed, neither side of the argument has sufficient proof to back their stance.

However, if you check out their family trees, it does appear as if both families originate from Georgia. Furthermore, the timelines around their family lineage are similar and seem to have come about around 1690-1730. If this were true, then they would be related.

However, nothing substantial exists so far which proves or disproves claims about them being distant relatives.

In summary, Jurnee Smollet and Little Richard are not related.