Is Jim Rash gay? Meet His Partner Nat Faxon

Probably you all came to know and like Jim Rash after featuring in the community series, a series that made him famous through his role as a gay character.

As well known to his fans, Dean Craig Pelton is a multi-talented American in the eyes of many. Apart from acting, he is a film producer, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and voice actor.

However, for having portrayed the character of a gay man, “Dean Craig Pelton,” suspicion popped up about Jim’s sexuality.

Is he straight, gay, or bisexual?

Yes, he is openly gay. Jim turned the rumor into reality on his Instagram page when he confessed to being gay during National Coming Out Day.

He said that coming out as gay was one of the most frustrating and exhilarating experiences of his life, but it also made him accessible and poignant. Even though he is famous, Jim has managed to keep his life private.

After “coming out,” Jim has been attending his gay friends’ wedding ceremonies. Well, you won’t be surprised when you spot him confidently dancing and celebrating with his gay friends. He is now free and has nothing to hide.

Who is Jim’s Boyfriend, Nat Faxon?

It does not surprise the Little facts when you link Nat Faxon as Jim’s partner. First, get this right; they are not dating; they are close friends because they have worked together on several projects over a long period. To add on, Nat Faxon is a straight man with a wife and kids too.

Jim has no record of love life as either being engaged, married, or having children. Despite supporting and attending gay weddings, Jim has not disclosed if he has plans for a wedding soon too, or maybe he already did it since he has always kept his love life private.

Jim’s sexuality may be bad news to the girls eying Jim, but an advantage to the gay community who love him. You find it ridiculous and confusing.   Jim has openly supported lesbians and gays on his Instagram page. Nevertheless, this talented actor seems not willing to disclose the love of his life. 

Why this curiosity?

Jim’s perfect portrayal of “Dean” character as gay in the community series aired on NBC series caught him in turmoil.

Since the actor’s queerness was prominently portrayed in the film, there was a lot of speculation about his sexuality in real life. His fans began to question his love interest when he kept addressing a guy as his partner.

If you have ever watched the community, you would readily associate Jim Rash with gays, as it is what he is remembered for in the film. Despite the show coming to an end, Jim is still known as Dean to many of his fans.

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