Is Jenna Elfman related to Danny Elfman? It’s complicated

When you see celebrities with the same last name, the first question that typically comes to mind is – Are they related?

Today, we are going to review the case of Jenna and Danny Elfman, two celebrities from different industries that just happen to carry the same surname around. 

Are Jenna and Danny related?

So, are the famous musician and actress related? The answer is yes – but not in the way you think. 

To provide a short backstory, Danny’s brother was Richard Elfman, a well-known actor, musician, and journalist. 

In 1991, Jenna met her future husband, actor Bodhi Elfman, who was actually Richard Elfman’s son. 

These two dated for about four years, until they decided to tie the knot in 1995. 

So to be precise, Jenna and Danny are related – but not in a brother/sister kind of way.

Danny Elfman is Jenna’s uncle-in–law. 

Jenna and Danny are seen together quite often and they attend numerous ceremonies together. The actress often refers to Danny as a “loving human being who is very positive to be around”.