Is Jason Momoa a Gypsy? The Story Behind His Instagram Handle

If you search for Jason Momoa on Instagram, you are likely not to find him. Instead, you will find his Instagram handle as ‘prideofgyspies.’

jason momoa

This has raised some curiosity, to whether he is actually a gypsy. We have dug deep and uncovered the meaning behind the gypsy name on Instagram. 

Is Jason Momoa a Gypsy?

Jason Momoa is not a Gypsy, Romanian or Indian. He’s a native Hawaiian (race) and Polynesian (ethnicity).

He was born in Hawaii, although his descent has German and Irish roots.

His father is Hawaiian, while his mother is of German, Irish, and Native American descent. 

Pride of Gypsies is the name of his production company which he founded in 2010.

The production company is made up of his friends who are writers, producers. Artists and filmmakers. They came together to make movies and tell authentic stories. 

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More about Pride of Gypsies

On their website, pride is described as a group of lions forming a collective. His group of friends basically makes up the pride. A gypsy is a nomadic or free-spirited person. 

Jason says that the inspiration behind the pride of gypsies is to create content that is unique, innovative, and excellent. 

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They are guided by authenticity and freedom in their art, just like a nomadic lifestyle.

The company has produced some of Jason Momoa’s works, such as the thriller film Road to Paloma, on which Jason was making his debut as a producer.

Other works include brand work for an American apparel company called Carhartt and a short film in which Jason was paying tribute to his family. 


If you were wondering whether the American Actor is a Gypsy or not, now you know. He is not a Gypsy.

He is the owner of Pride of Gypsies, a production company. His Instagram handle uses this name to represent his company.