Is Dream gay? Here’s What we Know About the Minecraft YouTuber

More and more streamers nowadays are choosing not to reveal their true identity online and stream without a face cam.

Many of these streamers have become some of the most-watched content creators on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. 

One of them is Dream. 

Dream Face Reveal. SOURCE: INSTAGRAM

Dream, also known as DreamWasTaken, is a 22 year old American Twitch streamer and Youtuber, known mostly for his gaming content. 

Dream began streaming in 2014 and slowly rose on the gaming scene. 

In 2020 he became one of the most popular gaming streamers, having quickly grasped the Youtube analytics and used it to his advantage.

This included publishing videos with catchy titles and thumbnails, participating in gaming competitions and creating speedrunning content.

He won Youtube’s Steamy Awards Gaming category award two years in a row, in 2020 and 2021.

So far he’s acquired a whopping number of 2.97 billion views and over 39 million subscribers.

Dream’s real identity stays unknown as the streamer has so far chosen not to reveal his face and details about his personal life.

Dream on SMP

In 2020 Dream created a private survival multiplayer Minecraft server (SMP) in collaboration with another Minecraft streamer by the name GeorgeNotFound. 

The server, later on, continued to invite several more Minecraft streamers such as TechnoBlade, Tubbo, TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot. 

These streamers weren’t invited randomly, as the server follows a “fictional plot” and they were assigned specific fictional roles. 

Each of the server members has a unique storyline, which is perhaps the main reason the server has attracted so much attention from fans.

The original storyline followed the path of Dream and his second-in-command George fighting against their enemies from a place called L’Manberg. 

This Dream SMP arc eventually ends with George’s character dying and Dream getting “revenge” for his death.

Dream has in the past encouraged fans to create fanfiction and fanart based on the server storyline, as it helps with the popularisation of the server. 

He also mentioned that he loves “how creative the [Minecraft] community is”.

Fiction or reality?

It’s not rare that fans become too invested in a creator’s life and cross boundaries. 

This ultimately leads to blurring lines between fiction and reality. 

Although he is fine with fans creating stories and artwork about his Dream SMP character, there was some fanart that he disapproved of in the past. 

One of these instances were the “DreamNotFound” fanfictions, oftentimes involving the two creators (Dream and GeorgeNotFound) in NSFW scenes.

Dream has on multiple occasions explained that he and GeorgeNotFound are not dating in real life. 

However, he also stated that he’s fine being “shipped” with other creators as long as they agree with it as well.

The two streamers made jokes on this topic many times, leaving fans confused whether it’s an act or not.

Dream about his sexuality

Dream’s decision not to reveal his sexuality has backfired on him several times. 

Fueled by his fictional character in the Dream SMP and his undefined relationship with George, fans have many times outright shipped the two in real life. 

This inevitably brought up the question of Dream’s sexuality, with many of the fans attacking him for “queerbating”.

In December of 2021, the streamer came to Twitter to explain that his sexuality is not important, adding that fans should “mind their business”. 

A few days later, he continued on to explain that he is comfortable with his sexuality and so are his friends, which is why they openly joke about their relationship.

The question of Dream’s sexuality still stays unanswered. 

However, the streamer has on many occasions emphasized that he prefers to stay unlabeled and that fans should respect that.