Richard Burgi and Liliana Lopez’s Relationship

Celebrities are always under media scrutiny.

richard burgi liliana lopez
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Fans and the general public are always eager to know more about their favorite celebrities. Such is the case with Richard Burgi and Liliana Lopez.

The two are currently married, and they started dating in 2011 and tied the knot in 2012.

This means they have been married for more than ten years.

Details on how, where, and when they met are yet to be disclosed.

They got married in a beautiful ceremony, but they still don’t have children together.

The couple recently renewed their vows, and even though there was not much hype around it, pictures showed they were happy in their wedding gear.

Burgi and Lopez Wanted to Adopt a Child

There were rumors that the couple wanted to adopt a child.

The Desperate Housewives superstar revealed that he wished to be a father again.

Sources close to them stated that The Sentinel actor wanted to experience the joy of raising a child with his latest wife.

He believes that if they raise a child together, they will be closer though he has two children with his previous wife, Lori Kahn.

The actor’s wife is reportedly unable to give birth, and this made them think about the option of adopting one.

The actor’s first son is Jack, and his second son is Sam.

The kids are reportedly closer to their mom than to him, which is believed to have also been why they wanted to adopt.

There are also claims that the actor did not decide what he was looking for in his adopted child.

Sources claimed that the couple wanted a girl of Hispanic ethnicity since Lopez is Hispanic.

Burgi is considered a child-loving person.

He has been reported to be close to his young co-actors when filming his projects.

He has also shown that he loves children in former interviews and is active in charities that work to improve their welfare.

A look at their online posts shows they are happy together.

They usually appreciate and show their love for one another.

In one post, she uploaded a picture of them with the message, “Love us hate us, we don’t live in fear…if you know my husband, he cares and wants to help people, animals and nature thrive! On to bigger and better!!! Happy Love Day baby @dick_burgi ❣️Happy ❤️to you out there.”

The actor, on his part, has also shown immense dedication when showing how much he loves his wife.

They always post pictures of adventures or vacations.

Lopez Supported Burgi When He Was Fired From Young and the Restless

By now, Young and the Restless fans know that the actor has stopped playing the role of Ashland Locke.

This was after he was fired for violating one of the show’s COVID-19 protocols.

Many were divided on the decision since some thought it was fair, but most of the show’s fans were disappointed, especially when they realized they had lost one of its star performers.

The actor slowly came to terms with his new reality even though he confessed that ending his run on the series after a year was challenging since he had grown fond of his co-stars.

With the help and support of Lopez and his two kids, he seems to be coping well.

He spent more time with his wife and their youngest child and recently took to Instagram stories to show his appreciation when he uploaded a picture of them together and captioned it, “Love and joy in crazy times.”