Inside Denise Richards And Aaron Phypers Relationship

After a chaotic marriage and an even more chaotic divorce with one of the most notorious Hollywood bad boys Charlie Sheen, it seems that Denise Richards has finally met her true love. 

Her current husband is Aaron Phypers, a light therapist from Beverly Hills. His professional alias is Aaron Cameron and his services are used by many celebrities that reside in Beverly Hills. 

Aaron even founded a therapy center “Q 360”. The center provides “sound therapy” and “light therapy” services to its clients. While many people would call this “cuckoo” science, there is plenty of positive feedback from his clients. After all, that’s how he built his reputation. 


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As we mentioned, the star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” used to be married to the famous actor Charlie Sheen. The couple split up in 2006, in their time together, Denise has given birth to two girls: Sam and Lola. 

After a bit more than a decade after the divorce, Richards met Aaron at “Quantum 360”, his famous wellness clinic. 

How They Met

“Aaron and I met during a DNA repair I was doing at his clinic. I think it was anti-aging, that sort of thing. Actually, we had sex in one of his offices and have been inseparable from that day,” she said in an interview. 

However, Denise wasn’t the only one going through a divorce. When the two met, Aaron was still married to the actress Nicollette Sheridan, Edie from Desperate Housewives. The guy’s really got a thing for housewives, doesn’t he?

Aaron and Nicollette got married in December 2015 but filed for divorce only a couple of months after. There were some problems with the paperwork, so the divorce wasn’t finalized until 2018. 

The Wedding

In only a matter of days when Aaron became a single man again, the two decided to make the marriage official. The two got married in Malibu on Sept. 8, 2018.

If you are wondering what Charlie had to say about all that – he approved it right away. 

“Charlie and Aaron actually get along pretty well. When we got married, Aaron called Charlie out of respect to let him know he would be a stepdad to his daughters.” 

In the words of Denise, Aaron is a “natural stepfather”. 

“I believe Aaron and I are very compatible and we are definitely great partners. We are great with the kids and we are on the same page in most cases. All of that makes everything much easier. We both have great respect for our families and it makes me feel secure. I am extremely grateful for the luck I had with finding a wonderful stepdad for my little girls,” Denise said.

Split rumors

Although their marriage seems perfect, there was some controversy in July of 2020. Apparently, in an episode of RHOBH, Brandi Glanville told everyone that she was with Richards in 2019. She also claimed how Aaron and Denise have an open marriage. 

Is this true? Well, we are not sure. The actress denied all of these allegations and many sources close to the married couple stepped forward and said how they were “unbothered” by these rumors. 

So far, there is no reason to doubt that everything is going well in Denise’s new marriage. Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers are still together.

However, even if it doesn’t end well, it can’t get much worse than divorcing Charlie Sheen.