Game of Thrones Finale? Never Heard of It, Says Jack Gleeson

King Joffrey Himself, Jack Gleeson, Has Never Watched the Game of Thrones Finale!

Many of us still feel the echoes of the colossal tremor that was the Game of Thrones finale.

A show that kept us on the edge of our seats, became a worldwide sensation, and then just as quickly sparked widespread controversy with its final season.

But what if we told you there’s someone from the show who has no clue how it all ended? Yes, you read that right. Jack Gleeson, our very own King Joffrey, is blissfully unaware of the turmoil and chaos that came with the show’s controversial ending.

Jack Gleeson, who played the role of the much-hated King Joffrey until his character met a grisly end in season 4, never watched the series while he was a part of it. You’d think he might have caught up later, but that’s not the case.

In an interview with Vulture, Gleeson confessed, “No, there’s too much to catch up on. I’ve not a clue what’s going on.” In his mind, the show, or at least its characters, remain in a different era, when he was still a part of it.

Gleeson even went on to say, “Even when I got the script, I only read my own scenes. I’m just selfish. Maybe I should get into it. I hear it’s good.”

Despite his detached approach to the show, he was very dedicated to his character.

He made sure he understood everything he needed to know about King Joffrey.

Despite the missed opportunity to continue his journey with Game of Thrones, Gleeson isn’t bitter.

He summarised his experience on the show, saying, “I would’ve been happy to have one episode, or one season in the whole thing. The fact that I had as many as I did was an immense privilege.”

While Gleeson remains in the dark about the show’s ending, fans worldwide are still voicing their disappointment over the finale.

From Reddit threads to Twitter rants, the dissatisfaction of fans was loud and clear.

One such fan on Reddit declared, “Game of Thrones is #1 until the end of time. Nothing will supplant the slap in the face the production crew showrunners gave us.”

Others criticised the rushed nature of the final seasons, attributing it to the showrunners’ aspirations to work on Disney’s Star Wars projects.

“What makes GoT uniquely special for how bad it ended is that it was complete self-sabotage… They had everything they needed to slam dunk an ending,” shared another disgruntled fan.

Another fan mourned the fall of the cultural phenomenon that was Game of Thrones, saying, “It’s amazing, really. Game of Thrones was a massive cultural phenomenon… I’ve never seen anything so big fall so dead so fast.”

In the face of such severe criticism and disappointment, maybe Gleeson’s obliviousness isn’t such a bad thing after all.

He may have played a despised king on-screen, but off-screen, it seems he made a smart decision to distance himself from the final season’s controversy.

Now that’s a move even the cunning residents of Westeros would applaud.