Does Matt Smith Have Eyebrows?

Any Dr. Who fan must have at some time wondered what happened to Matt Smith’s eyebrows.

Let us take you through the transition if you did not know about the famous actor and his missing eyebrows.

Get some popcorn if you may. This is going to be a fantastic story.

What happened to Matt Smith’s Eyebrows?

Smith’s Voldemort impersonation affected Doctor Who fans in varied ways. As usual, you made attempts to uncover the truth behind Matt’s smooth eyebrows.

You saw hashtags, queries and inquests into the star’s eyebrow misfortune.

Was it genetic? Did he shave his eyebrows to fit his new role? Was he making a fashion statement? Does he have some sort of eyebrow disease? The questions were endless.

The reality of the matter is that no one knows where Matt Smith’s eyebrows went! Astonishing, right?

In one film, he had them, and in the next, they were gone. Kaput! All you can do now is speculate and make preferences between bald eyebrow Smith and eyebrow-Smith.

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Doctor Who’s eleventh incarnation sparked controversy with his shaven eyebrows. You might have realized that the actor never grew his eyebrows after appearing for the first on Doctor Who in 2005.

You can now speculate on what led to the condition of his eyebrows. Was it a fashion statement? Or a genetic disorder? You be the judge.

How Does Matt Smith Look Without Eyebrows?

You may have seen Matt Smith’s pictures without eyebrows. Some are funny memes, while others sympathize with the eleventh Doctor Who incarnation’s lack of eyebrows.

Why do girls think Matt Smith is so hot? Is it the charming boyish look? Let’s find out.

Some say he has a unique hairstyle. Others say his no eyebrows look pioneered a unique style. Others, as you know, love glamour and fame.

Well, you know they say everyone has their preference. So you be the judge. How does Matt Smith look without Eyebrows?