Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s Relationship: Did They Ever Date?

It seems that everyone wants to know if Sheryl Crow dated Kid Rock.

This question has been discussed for years, with people on both sides of the fence having strong opinions about it.

The truth is no one knows if they were ever together or not, but we can take a look at some facts and rumors to get an idea!

Did Sheryl Crow Date Kid Rock?

When asked about whether they dated, Kid Rock and Crow coyly denied the rumors.

Videos can trigger various waves of discussions about certain topics about music and artists.

However, it will be prudent to be factual in any information since close collaborations with talented singers can capture and arouse emotions from their targeted audience from their melody, lyrics and video contents.

Sheryl and Kid Rock

The two top-notch musicians were able to write a cross-genre song titled Picture. It was recorded for Rock’s album named Cocky. The song, a fusion of country and ballad, became a major hit in the 2000s. It featured among the best songs in the country genre.

The top-rated song was about love. They performed the song to the public with the two musicians sitting on each other’s side on the stage from several depictions in the pictures. 

The show and pictures left fans commenting on the two chemistry while on stage, which was the source of the speculation about the two dating.

The illusion of the two dating was perfect to the fans and general public. However, there have been no sources or evidence that have been able to solidify the claims of Crow and Rock having a romantic relationship. 

These purported claims are only being linked by a statement in 2018 by Crow after Chris relayed his interest in running for the United States Senate publicly. Crow referred to herself as Chris’s Gloria Gaynor and claimed she would survive.   

Resurfacing the rumors

These claims came back to the limelight in 2011 when the duo reunited for a collaborated country love song titled Collide.

As interpreted by one Rolling Stone, the video of the song said that the video is low-key and full of footage that would make one wonder if they are dating or playing on the set. The video has scenes of the singers making eye contact and smiling at each other at a set up on a counter table. 

All these were in sync with the song’s message, creating a limbo in people with magazines going a notch higher, referring to the combo as Kenny and Dolly of the day.

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Are there differences Between the Two?

The two supported different political parties, with Crow supporting Democrats while Rock supported Republicans.

The drift of political choices between the two was seen on a Twitter post against Taylor Swift by Crow. The tweet in 2009 claimed Taylor supported Democrats to propel her career, and it outraged Crow on Taylor’s behalf.   

Despite Rock being among top-rated musicians in the country genre teaming up with Crows’ talent, there is nothing more than a perfect musical pairing. The claims are untrue even as the two do tours together.