Did Patricia Arquette have her teeth fixed?

In the 2015 Academy Awards, Patricia Arquette won best supporting actress for her role in Boyhood. However, social media was not ablaze with her killer acceptance speech or the movie she starred in. Instead, there was an inquest into whether Patricia had gotten work done on her teeth.

According to photos that surfaced from events she attended, it seemed like Patricia had some dental work done. Patricia’s Academy Award culminated into a hot debate on Twitter, with fans comparing her pictures before and after.

It turns out that fans recognized Patricia by the more pronounced overbite and overlapping front teeth. This got them wondering whether the Academy Awards winner had a teeth-job. Was it an optical illusion? Or are these new caps that have taken Hollywood by storm?

The Debate Over Patricia Arquette’s Teeth

In 2015, social media went into overdrive after images of the actress as she posed with her Oscar surfaced online. People couldn’t believe their eyes because they were used to Patricia’s overbite that made her teeth “pop-out” on camera. Some joked that it was an optical illusion where you can only see something if you stared at it long enough!

This debate spilled over to Twitter, with some users saying that she had gotten her teeth fixed. Another theory was that the actress’s “overbite” is an optical illusion. Why? Because of how wide her smile looked in pictures from previous events.

However, other social media observers pointed out that Patricia has more prominent over-bites than in 2015. This led people to ask whether Arquette got dental work done when she won best supporting actress.

The verdict: it seems like a combination of both!

Patricia herself joked about how different she looks nowadays during an interview with Stephen Colbert. Colbert compared photos taken before and after the Academy Awards win. Patricia chidingly said, ‘It kind of feels like I’ve had two different people living inside of me. Like there was a person that has lived for forty-seven years and then someone new who just happened! And they gave her better teeth.”

In a nutshell, the Oscar winner never fixed her crooked teeth. She believes in her natural beauty and wouldn’t change it for anyone! It was an ‘optical illusion’ as speculated by social media users on Twitter.

Social media can be both fun and harmful, depending on how you use it. Patricia Arquette is more than an actress: she inspires young women with body positivity through social media. Patricia Arquette inspires women to maintain their natural smiles!