The Real Reason Crispin Glover Left ‘American Gods’

Despite being successful in the first season, ‘American Gods’ had a jittery production record, leading to the exit of many key cast members.

Fremantle is the main producer of the movie. Executive producers include Anne Kenney, Damian Kindler, Charles H. Eglee, Mark Tinker, Stefanie Berk, David Paul Francis, Craig Cegielski, and Ian McShane.

In the duration of its three-season sequel, the show has had an inconsistent story both on and offset due to having three separate showrunners.

Creative distinctions amongst the production firm Fremantle, Starz, the creative team, and cast members resulted in major delays in finishing the second season. Various casting changes and firings have caused various discussions among the online community.

The introduction of new showrunners at the beginning of each season has made the series struggle to be consistent in terms of production, plot, and character. 

Crispin Glover leaving the show is a bad sign. According to the novel, Shadow finds out that Mr. World is Loki, and Loki and Odin have been deceitful.

They caused Shadow’s birth, Laura’s death, and his meeting with Loki in disguise while he was imprisoned.

Loki planned Odin’s murder so the war between the Old and the New Gods would be a sacrifice to Odin, giving him his power, as Loki fed on the chaos caused by the war. The script of the movie is based on this storyline, and without Glover acting as Mr. World, fans waited to see them pull it off.

The third sequel introduced Danny Trejo and Dominique Jackson as new manifestations of Mr. World, the new God leader and this was brilliant since it pushes for diversity in the organization and is a tease to the character’s new motivations and identity in the original novel that inspired the series. 

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This was a surprise to the fans since no one said that Mr. World would be recast since Crispin Glover has played the role in the first two sequels.

The actor seems to be assuming a reduced role in the third season of the show since in the first two seasons he was the main cast, but in the third season, he is referred to as a guest star.

No one knows whether this is due to Mr. World’s new attribute, Ms. World, but it confirms that the movie’s foundation is always changing. Whether the changes are a show of might during misfortune or a significant hurdle relies on the audience. 

Maybe Mr. World is Loki

The first change was seen in the third season’s premiere when Mr. World changed into Ms. World, acted by Dominique Johnson, and bandaged many of her henchmen while adorned in a gold dress with matching footwear.

Later in the series, Ms. World transformed into Mr. World, although taking another form. Danny Trejo was the new Mr. World and he was physically imposing compared to previous forms.

Even though the changes may have resulted from the need to cover up Glover’s unavailability or make the cast seem diversified, they act as a slight hint towards Mr. World’s true self.

One of the major twists of the novel was that Mr. World was Loki and that he used the persona, Mr. World to cause chaos in the world by promoting conflicts between different divinities. The chaos amused him and increased his power since he consumed it. 

Due to how the series has deviated from the original story, it is possible that Loki may not be Mr. World in the show’s reality. By labeling Mr. World to be a shapeshifter and including various actors in the role, the series is toying with the disclosure that Loki may be Mr. World.

Suppose it is the case, it is a creative way of masking what may turn out to be a critical casting decision while building, and acknowledging the original book. This seems confusing, but to summarize, Mr. World is trying to increase its influence by living up to its name.

Glover and Jackson have even gone on to explain the significance of Mr. World taking on a diverse impression.