Who is Ben Barnes’ Wife? Dating History Explored

Best known for his roles in “The Punisher” and “Shadow”, Ben Barnes became an acting sensation in a relatively short amount of time. 

While he doesn’t have a long career behind him, he is already making strides in Hollywood and winning numerous rewards. However, his incredible acting skill isn’t the only thing fans are paying attention to – he is also one of the most handsome actors in the industry. 

Considering this, there are plenty of people who are very much interested in hearing juicy details regarding his relationship status. Let’s see whether Ben Barnes has a wife and check out his dating background. 

Does Ben Barnes Have a Wife?

No, Ben Barnes is not married. Considering all of this different information, it seems that Ben Barnes currently doesn’t even have a girlfriend – let alone a wife. 

So, for all of you ladies that find this handsome actor interesting, he is still up for grabs!

Ben Barnes keeps his love life very private. While things such as his upbringing, career, and friendships are something that Ben Barnes likes talking about, when it comes to his love life – he doesn’t reveal even the slightest information. 

If you try to look up anything regarding his love life and relationships online, you won’t get too far. You can say that his ‘specialty’ is keeping all things romance as private as possible. 

Even when it comes to rumors, he likes to leave them open up until the audience completely forgets that they even existed. 

So why does he do this? His mom is a relationship counselor. 

“My mom is such an inspirational teacher when it comes to love and I learned a lot thanks to her. The main priority is trust, while love comes after it. There is just an unexplainable feeling when you and your partner hold hands and you know you can trust each other with your life.” 

Thus, out of pure respect for his partner, Ben feels obligated to keep his love life extremely private.

Apart from his mother, his father was also a good teacher when it comes to love. He is a psychiatric professor and he helped Ben realize many important things about romance. 

“In our household, it was completely normal for our father to want to talk with us about how we are feeling.”

Ben Barnes Dating History

While there is little to no information regarding his dating history, here are some women that were associated with Ben Barnes at one point in his career. 

Julianne Hough

Julianne is a well-known American dancer, and she is also the latest ‘Ben Barnes GF’ rumor. It all started in 2021 when they were seen together in an ice cream shop. After that, the paparazzi caught them hanging out on multiple occasions. 

However, both of them denied the dating rumors and said that they are friends that go way back (they met in 2012). One of the main reasons why this rumor started was because they increasingly began seeing each other after Julianne’s divorce. 

The most recent rumor about the two of them dating appeared in August 2022, on a celebrity gossip Instagram page Deuxmoi.

Fans on Reddit had some interesting takes on their relationship:

  • palepuss said: This has been going on for a while. He flew to Montana for New Year 2021 – with Covid restrictions and all – to be with her, Dobrev & White. Summer 2021 was spent sending each other loving emojis through Insta stories, connecting her with the themes in his songs… we’re now at pap walk #3 with Backgrid, the on-call paparazzi agency. Maybe they don’t go public because it’s an open relationship – wouldn’t be great publicity for either.
  • alisonation said: I kind of follow Ben Barnes because I am not immune to thirst, and I feel like he is really into Julianne and she is just kind of… keeping him around because he’s hot and attentive and always there. I think they’re FWB (tho I think Ben would like more)

Deuxmoi continued by posting more images of Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough. In this particular one, the two of them are holding hands.

So, is Julianne Hough Ben Barnes’ girlfriend? It’s up to you to decide.

Meganne Young

Some reports say that Ben and Miss World Philippines were dating from 2017 to 2018. She posted a picture of them looking like a real couple. 

However, the caption removed all doubt regarding the relationship.  

“The Fact of the matter is: this boy is all kinds of inspiring. Lucky to call him a friend.”

Considering this statement from Meganne, we can only conclude that they were only friends (at least at that period). 

Tamsin Egerton

These two were linked together back in 2009, when they were first spotted in Australia having fun together. 

Not much info is available on these two, and they have never addressed the dating comments. 

Felicity Jones

Felicity and Ben caught the eye of the public in 2014 when they were spotted at the Britannia Awards.

The alleged couple was spotted again at the LA International Airport shortly after appearing at the award ceremony. 

Unfortunately, this was the last time they were seen together – so, they are either really good at covering their tracks, or they were never a ‘thing’ to begin with. 

We are only certain that if they even were together at one point, now they are not, as Felicity got married in 2018.

What do his fans say on Reddit?

There was an interesting Reddit thread on who is Ben Barnes’ girlfriend.

The lead actress on Shadow and Bone Jessie Mei Li is 14 years younger than him, so perhaps her? That sounds a little fanfic-y though. – stolenrubyslippers said.

I’d take this with a grain of salt because that fandom is delulu about Darklina, the most popular fanfic ship. People will just make stuff up because it’s what they want to happen, especially since their characters won’t end up together in canon. – caitiewashere added.

It’s definitely Jessie Mei Li who is his costar on Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. They have been spotted on dates and kissing according to some people. Huge fan of the series and Grishaverse books but not a big fan of Ben tbh. – Afrodeity said.

There were some other interesting responses such as, “Henry Cavill vague allegations part 2”. Hint, this person tried suggesting that Ben Barnes is gay.

What do you think?