Who is Aimee Carrero’s Husband Tim Rock?

Aimee Carrero and Tim Rock have been happily married for more than six years.

The couple first crossed paths in 2014 and after spending two years getting to know each other, decided to exchange vows on August 21, 2016.

Since their wedding day, Carrero and Rock have remained devoted to one another, with their love and affection for each other only deepening over time.

In addition to their successful careers as actors, the couple has built a strong foundation for their marriage, resulting in a bond that only grows stronger with each passing year.

More information about Tim Rock, Carrero’s actor husband, can be found below!

Who is Tim Rock?

Tim Rock is an American actor, writer, producer, and model born on May 2, 1981. Even though Tim is a popular actor, little to no information is actually available about his early days.

Therefore, we can’t say for sure the name of his hometown or places where he went to school. We do know though, that after graduating from high school in his hometown, Tim enrolled in college.

Some sources claim that he finished college with a bachelor’s degree, but that is also unconfirmed.

Even though Tim posts pictures of his family on Instagram, he never revealed the names of his father and mother.

On the other hand, he did reveal the name of his sister Ctroen. Tim’s father is a well-established businessman who helped his son greatly in achieving his success.

Even though Tim’s dream ever since he was little, was to become a television actor he was mainly a stage actor before his on-screen debut back in 2002.

Since then Tim managed to appear in several movies and TV shows, he was even nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award Citation for Actor in Supporting Role for his brilliant performance in “What’s Wrong with Angry,” a play by Patrick Wilde.

Some of the most famous movies Tim appeared in are “House of Lies,” “Flashforward,” and “House.” Apart from being an actor, Tim also produced a short movie “Ticky Tacky” and he also serves as a writer for the TV show series “Mental Cases.”

As of 2022, Tim Rock’s estimated net worth is approximately $2.5 million that he accumulated through his successful career thus far.

Apart from being a hardworking man, Tim also finds time to enjoy some interesting hobbies. Amongst other things, Tim is an experienced horse rider and likes to spend time riding horses on the track as well as in nature.

Tim says that riding relaxes him and he is able to find some piece of mind while doing it.

The popular actor is also a pet lover and he absolutely adores dogs, he even has a tattoo to commemorate the passing of his dog.

If you hoop over to his Instagram page, you will find various pictures of dogs. He literary has more pictures of dogs than of himself on his Instagram page.

Tim and his wife Aimee also like to travel and visit different places. Currently, the couple is enjoying married life without children, but they have expressed a desire to start a family in the future. For now, they are focused on their careers and enjoying life together.

In August 2022, the couple celebrated 6th anniversary. On that occasion Aimee shared a bunch of their pictures on Instagram with a caption:

“People lie about marriage. They say it’s an impossible, stifling, painful exercise devoid of freedom or passion. If they’re not lying—if marriage is, in most cases, all of those things—then let me bear witness to the miracle that is possible:⁣

I’m never freer or braver than when I’m around my spouse. He inspires in me a sense of unshakeable self. He asks of me no sacrifice from independence or achievement. Every day, he sees the whole of me and says “yes!” He sheds light onto untended corners of my person. To everything, he brings peace. Often, in the night, he’ll reach for my hand and I wake with our fingers interlaced. Even in sleep, we are married. ⁣

6 years ago today, I married Tim and never stopped. It’s the easiest, best thing I do all day. ⁣

I’ll go anywhere with you, @mistertimrock. Except maybe C*, but then…of course there, too.”