Why Did Taylor Kitsch Leave Friday Night Lights

Fans of Friday Night Lights were heartbroken when Taylor Kitsch left the show in 2010.

The actor was a huge part of the show and his character, Tim Riggins, became one of the most popular characters on TV.

Why did he leave?

Find out why Taylor left FNL and what happened after he departed from Friday Night Lights.

When Jason Katims announced that Taylor Kitsch would be leaving Friday Night Lights, fans of the show were shocked.

The actor had become a fan favorite, and his character was incredibly popular on TV then.

In fact, when Taylor announced he was leaving FNL to pursue other roles, NBC decided to renew the show for two more seasons so they could keep it going with him.

About Friday Night Lights

The show revolves around the relationship between Eric and Tami Taylor, high school football coach (Kyle Chandler), and his wife. The couple has two children, Julie and Billy Riggins, played by Taylor Kitsch in the show.

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Taylor’s character, Tim Riggins, was a troubled teen with no future until he met Coach Taylor. He quickly became one of Friday Night Lights’ most popular characters for fans across the country.

His tough exterior hid an incredibly caring personality that eventually led to him becoming part of the main cast on TV. When FNL first started airing, it had low ratings, but they gradually increased as time went on, thanks to its incredible storytelling!

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Was FNL Based on A True Story?

Yes, Friday Night Lights writer borrowed from a true story. The show was based on a best-selling book with the same name.

It is for this reason that the show attracted a lot of fanfare and clout among movie fans. The book tells the story of a real-life football team in Odessa, Texas.

The show accurately depicts what happens to high school football players and their families when they are under pressure to win games.

This is actually the second time NBC tried to make the show in its history. Before airing on FNL, NBC had aired `Against the Grain, which had a similar plot. It aired on Fridays, and the venerated Ben Affleck played the QB1 position.

The Rumors Surrounding Taylor Kitsch’s Departure

After Friday Night Lights ended its run in 2011, rumors started circulating about why Taylor Kitsch left the series.

Jason Katims said that most people assumed Tim Riggins went off to military service. But neither of these explanations was true.

Others said that producers wanted to take Taylor’s character in a different direction than what he intended with his character.

It seemed like the actor and producers had other ideas on where they wanted to take Tim Riggins. But all these speculation and rumors.

Why Did Taylor Kitsch Leave Friday Night Lights

It turns out that he went on to star in John Carter of Mars, a huge flop at the box office (though many critics actually liked his performance).

After leaving FNL, fans wondered what happened to the actor once NBC renewed it for two more seasons without him.

The NFL producers had earlier promised fans that they were communicating with the management at John Carter of Mars to have Kitsch for as many episodes as possible.

However, this didn’t play out as they had anticipated, and Kitsch left the NFL for good.

The movie wasn’t as successful as some of Disney’s past projects like Frozen or Tangled. Accordingly, John Carter of Mars didn’t help its theater run either! Still, there are rumors of another project with Kitsch though nothing is confirmed yet.

What About His Career After Friday Night Lights?

After leaving FNL, Taylor Kitsch was seen in a few projects before landing roles in big movies such as Lone Survivor, Battleship, and Savages.

The last two both performed well at the box office, but neither received great reviews from critics.

With HBO’s True Detective, it seems that Kitsch’s career is back on track with another hit TV series under his belt! Fans of the show should be excited for this talented actor to return to their screens soon!

Taylor Kitsch left Friday Night Lights because of potential performance in John Carter of Mars.

Once he left, it seemed like his career was on an upswing with TV roles in True Detective and HBO’s Big Little Lies. Taylor has all but proven that fans should expect him to return to their screens soon with two successful series under his belt!