Why Andrew Garfield Is Not On Instagram?

Can you imagine not having a social media account? Or better yet, can you imagine being a young celebrity with millions of fans and not have a social media account?

andrew garfield spiderman

If you find this hard to believe, you might be surprised to hear that Andrew Garfield is one of the examples. 

Even though social media has such a huge influence on our lives nowadays, there are some people that simply don’t want anything to do with it. 

But why exactly does Andrew refuse to create an Instagram account?

The Rael Reason Why is Andrew Garfield Not On Instagram

Andrew openly discussed the reasons why he does not have an Instagram account even though he does have a Twitter account.

He stated in various interviews that he does not like social media, but he uses Twitter only to keep in touch with the latest news and because he follows a bunch of funny people.

In one interview with Kara Swisher, Andrew talked about a period more than 15 years ago when he chose to delete his Facebook page, stating that was the best decision he ever made.

As the conversation continued, Andrew said that the worst thing about social media is that it can lead you to have a totally false opinion about the world and even about yourself.

He said that nowadays, everybody is obsessed with how they look on their social media pages and that is the thing that worries him most.

Andrew also added that he just doesn’t feel like a person who would share everything about his life on Instagram. He explained that some things should be kept private. 

“Young people and women are mostly affected by the influence social media has, trying to show themselves as best as possible, but only on the outside. People should be more concerned about the inside.”

“The comparison people make between them and famous people is something that’s not healthy at all and people should feel good about themselves just the way they are,” Andrew said.