Who is Zach Tinker’s Wife? Is He Married?

Zach Tinker is not married, nor has he ever been in a previous marriage, but in 2019, he was linked with his The Young and the Restless co-star Cait Fairbanks. 

The two confirmed they were in a relationship in early 2020.

Zach Tinker’s Dating History

According to information on the internet, Zach has been linked to two female lovers.

He was dating Camille Ramsay, and their romantic connection was intense.

He never shied away from showing the world how much he loved her on social media.

Camille, at the time, worked at a recording studio for music and television projects.

Tinker then started dating his colleague Cait Fairbanks shortly after being added to The Young and the Restless cast. 

At the moment, Tinker acts alongside Chandler Massey in Days of Our Lives, in which he acts as Sonny Kiriakis. 

Chandler had acted in the program since 2010 when he performed the role of the bisexual Will Horton, and Tinker acted as Will’s partner.

Tinker was not aware of the roles he was to play until he went for the auditions. 

Tinker has always been open when it comes to his romantic relationships.

His other relationship was with Camille Ramsay since October 2016.

The Days of Our Lives actor was so much in love with the actress, as seen on the Instagram post he uploaded. 

Until 2018, the lovely couple was always seen together and always seemed in love.

The connection between Ramsay and Zach started making its way to public knowledge, and they had to acknowledge they were in a relationship in early 2020.

The two went on holidays as a couple to exotic places like Hawaii and shared their experiences with pictures posted on Instagram for their fans to see.

They later erased the pictures when they separated last year.

The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, and the actress seemed to have moved on to dating musical Jay Rudolph.

Since Zach has not removed the pictures, they shared there is a chance their relationship may be revived in the future. 

Is Zach Tinker Gay?

Zach is currently dating a trans woman Aitch Alberto.

The actor has also been rumored as gay since his dating history does not have a lot of women, and yet in September 2021, he was cast as Sonny after the original star who played the role, Smith, turned down the offer.

The Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem week limited series allowed him to make his first appearance on the series in March 2022. 

He quickly became a fan favorite during his time as one of the show’s first gay couple with Will Horton, whose role was performed by Chandler Massey.

Many of the show’s fans refer to the on-screen couple as WilSon.

The role allowed Smith to get nominated for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, which he eventually won in 2015.

Massey revealed that working with Tinker was fantastic, and he was surprised at how he portrayed the character as he was meant to. 

Despite working with Freddie Smith for a long time, he revealed that Tinker came in and adopted the role without difficulties.

He was happy that he was the one chosen to act as Sonny. 

Zach also revealed that he was thrilled to participate in the series.

In 2022, it was reported that Zach Tinker is currently in a relationship with writer/director Aitch Alberto who was involved in the movie Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.