Who is Jonathan Roumie’s Wife? Is He Married?

Jonathan has gained much popularity through his charm and acting, and many have always wondered whether he is married. 

His fans always ask about his personal life, but he seems good at hiding the details. 

Is Jonathan Roumie Married?

No, Jonathan Roumie is not married and never has been. Actually, he doesn’t have a partner either at the moment.

He has discussed why he never found the right person, but a few hints show he did find the right person; he just forgot or preferred not to tell the world about it.

Jonathan Roumie’s Wife Rumors

Even though celebrities may try to hide details regarding their personal lives, one can never be perfect, and a few people may have found Jonathan Roumie’s wife. 

In a wedding registry named Bed Bath & Beyond records, there was a wedding between a person known as Hannah Vanaroman and Jonathan Roumie, but the page was later disabled. 

As always, such information leads to many surfing the internet to check who the other person is. 

Fans started looking up Hannah Vanaroman to see if they could get a connection between the celebrity and her, and there were a few clues that showed they were connected. It may be a coincidence but let you be the judge!

The Facebook page’s cover was a picture of The Chosen, a series in which Jonathan acts as Jesus.

One may say it is an unlikely coincidence, and that is not sufficient proof that the two people are connected, but when one considers the names in the wedding list and the fact that she is a fan of the show, one may say they are married but that simply isn’t true.

Jonathan is a devoted catholic and he is pretty much regular in the church. If you search on Reddit, and Twitter you’ll see many images shared by his fans and he is always alone with no woman beside him.

Roumie Once Revealed He Had Not Found His Ideal Partner

Roumie was asked why he had not found his ideal partner.

The actor, famous for portraying Jesus in the series Jesus, is also very religious and considers himself to have a personal understanding of God. 

He revealed it was important that he found a person with the same faith as his on the religion.

He stated it was the experience he went through in a few relationships whereby the ladies would culturally identify themselves as Christians, but they lacked the connection to the religion. 

In July 2020, in a YouTube video aired by Spiritual Direction, the famous actor revealed much about his faith during an interview with Stephanie and Dan Burke. 

He talked about Christianity and how his commitment to the religion became more potent with time and later emphasized that he wanted a partner who was of the same faith and was committed to it the same as he. 

A look at Jonathan Roumie’s social media pages to confirm if he is married does not provide any information.

Most of his posts are work-related, and some delve into his interactions with different personalities, including The Pope. 

Looking for the name Hannah Vanaroman on various social media pages results in different results, and none connected to the actor.

It seems the page that previously had a picture of The Chosen changed.