Vickie Lynn Swayze: The Tragic Life & Death of Patrick Swayze’s Sister

Vicki Lynn Swayze belongs to the Swayze family. Vickie was the older sister of Patrick Swayze who died in 1994.

Vickie Lynn was born on 8 June 1949 in Houston, Texas. She was the older sibling of actor Patrick Swayze.

Swayze and his four brothers and sisters, one of whom was Vickie, were raised by parents Patsy and Jesse Swayze. Among the four Swayze siblings, Vickie was the firstborn.

Swayze’s mom was a ballerina. She worked as a manager with the Houston Jazz Ballet Company. She introduced her kids to dance from a very young age.

Vickie’s mother started dancing just to make a living for her family. She was a perfectly good dancer and choreographer from the United States.

Besides, she asked her children to learn dance from an early age so that they could learn some skills for their future.

Vicky was inspired by her mom. Vickie’s dad was an engineer who worked in Texas. There were tensions and differences among their parents that Vickie and her other siblings observed.

Her father threatened her mother several times about the divorce which was causing her mental distress.

Her battle with depression

After several years of struggling against depression, Vickie died from a pill overdose. Vickie’s struggle against depression in her 40s resulted in her death.

Vicki’s mother was shocked at the death of her daughter. It was a difficult time for the family following Vickie’s sudden death.

When she was 45, she left her family traumatized after her death. She died on 2 December 1994. Vickie’s death has caused considerable unrest in the Swayze family. In 2009, Patrick passed away due to cancer and left his family in shock.

Vickie’s death caused many changes

Vickie’s death had a profound impact on Patrick’s and his family’s life. Patrick stopped drinking alcohol when she passed away. There have been positive changes in his personality.

The actual cause of her Death

After the death of her sister, Vickie Patrick made a statement in public by saying that suicide is not something I am capable of, but there are numerous people out there who take their lives away because life is cruel and stressful sometimes and not everybody can cope with that.

It was later found out that she committed suicide because of depression.