Vanity Fair Silently Updates Budget Figure for “The Marvels,” Sparks Questions About Media Accountability

In a recent feature, Vanity Fair spotlighted Nia DaCosta, the groundbreaking director behind Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster, “The Marvels.” The original article cited the film’s budget as $130 million, a figure that immediately raised eyebrows among Reddit users who found it to be unrealistically low for a Marvel production.

Within 24 hours of its publication, Vanity Fair made a quiet change to the article, removing the $130 million figure and replacing it with a more plausible budget range of $200-$250 million. Notably, the magazine did not issue a formal correction or retraction, choosing instead to silently update the article.

The initial budget figure did not go unnoticed, especially among the eagle-eyed Reddit community. Users on the platform were quick to question the $130 million budget, pointing out that it seemed far too low for a film of this scale. Their discussions and debates appear to have led to the article’s amendment, highlighting the role of social media in holding traditional media accountable.

Budget figures often serve as a yardstick for a film’s anticipated success or failure. The initial incorrect budget could have set unrealistic expectations for “The Marvels” and its director, Nia DaCosta. DaCosta is already making history as Marvel’s youngest and first Black female director, and the incorrect budget figure could have added an unnecessary layer of scrutiny to her already high-profile project.

While Vanity Fair’s silent update rectifies the initial error, it does raise questions about the publication’s approach to corrections in the digital age. In an era where every detail is scrutinized and discussed in real-time on social media, the absence of a formal correction is noteworthy.

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