Who is Tyler Lepley’s Wife? Is He Married?

Although Tyler Lepley still has miles to go in order to become a well-known face in the industry, he still managed to have a decent career thus far.

If you are into Oprah Winfrey Network, then you probably know Tyler from his biggest role yet as Benjamin on the soap opera “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

But that’s not the point, we gathered here today to take a sneak peek at Tyler’s love life, and get to the bottom of this mystery – is he married or not?

As of 2023, Tyler Lepley remains unmarried, but he does have a girlfriend with whom he welcomed a daughter just last year.

Is Tyler Lepley Married?

Tyler Lepley is many things, from good-looking to a not-so-good rapper, but he isn’t one thing, and that’s married.

Although “The Haves and the Have Nots” star is currently not married, he is though in a strong relationship with his girlfriend and the mother of his child, Miracle Watts.

Have in mind that this is not Tyler’s first child, he was engaged once before to April King with whom he has two children.

Sadly, for the kids, the couple separated when their second child was only eight months old. But I guess if something wasn’t meant to be you shouldn’t stress over it much.

That being said, even though Tyler is not married at the moment, I presume that it is only a matter of time now before he pops the big question to Miracle Watts.

Who is Miracle Watts?

Miracle Watts, the gorgeous and talented star, has taken the world of fashion, beauty, and social media by storm!

Born on January 30, 1993, Miracle has always been passionate about fashion, beauty, and photography, and she didn’t waste any time turning her dreams into a reality.

She started her career as a head-turning exotic dancer at Houston’s legendary club, Dreams, where her mesmerizing twerking skills earned her a reputation as one of the city’s most sought-after performers.

But her rise to fame didn’t stop there. After being mentioned in the popular OB O’Brien track, “2 On Thotful,” by the one and only Drake, she was signed by Facet Studios as an Instagram model and her following skyrocketed to over two million followers on Instagram and 150,000 on Twitter.

Not content to rely only on her good looks, Miracle decided to launch her own line of premium-quality faux eyelashes and hair, “The Miracle Lash” and “The Miracle Tresses,” which took several months and a full year of hard work and dedication to develop, respectively.

The end result was nothing short of stunning, as her followership on Instagram grew by an additional one million after the launch of “The Miracle Lash” in January 2015.

Miracle’s stunning looks and radiant personality have also caught the eye of several high-profile personalities, including Hasan Suliman, the founder of Powered By Facet, with whom she was reportedly in a relationship from 2012 to 2013, and recording artist August Alsina in 2015.

Although Alsina publicly stated that they were just friends, he continued to appear on Miracle’s social media profiles.

Some reports even suggest that she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her already stunning looks.

All in all, Miracle Watts is a dynamic and captivating star who continues to inspire and entertain her fans with her beauty, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether she’s on the stage, on social media, or in the world of fashion and beauty, Miracle is a true force to be reckoned with!