The Oldest Known Vampire in the Twilight Saga Is Not the Strongest One, Here’s Why

The Oldest is Not the Strongest Vampire!

Are you curious about who the strongest vampire is in the Twilight saga?

Well, you’re in for not one, but two surprises. First, contrary to popular opinion, the physically strongest vampire is not the ancient vampire you’d expect.

Second, a surprising fact awaits you – Amun, despite what many fans believe, is not the oldest vampire in the series.

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The Oldest Vampire in the Twilight Universe

Most of the outdated info that can be found online points out that Amun is the oldest vampire because of his roots in ancient Egypt. But, surprisingly, Aro, one of the three leaders of the Volturi, holds the title of the oldest known vampire in the series.

Aro transformed into a vampire when he was in his mid-twenties, around 1300 BC, making him over 3300 years old. His age has given him vast wisdom, cunning, and survival skills that have kept him alive through centuries of vampire politics and wars.

On the other hand, Amun is certainly old, but not as ancient as Aro. He transitioned into a vampire around 500 BC, and his primary strength is his knowledge of creating new vampires with special abilities, like Benjamin, who can control the four elements.

When it comes to physical strength, Aro and Amun are both strong, as expected from vampires. But the real power for both lies in their unique vampire abilities and the allies they have accumulated over the centuries.

The Strongest Vampire in the Twilight Universe

While age and experience certainly matter in the Twilight universe, it doesn’t necessarily translate to raw power. Strength in the Twilight saga is often associated with special abilities, not just physical prowess.

At the top of the list is Bella Swan. When she becomes a vampire, Bella develops a powerful shield ability that can block mental attacks from other vampires. This ability makes her an invaluable asset during conflicts, as she can protect herself and others from many forms of psychic assaults.

Following Bella closely is Jane, a member of the Volturi guard. Jane possesses the terrifying ability to induce a mental illusion of burning pain. Her power doesn’t cause physical harm, but the victims experience the pain as if it were real. This ability makes Jane one of the most feared vampires in the series.

Both Bella and Jane’s powers show that the strength of a vampire in the Twilight universe extends beyond their physical abilities and is closely tied to their unique supernatural talents.

Comparing Age and Power in the Twilight Universe

In the Vampire world, age and power can often appear to be linked, but the relationship between the two is not as clear-cut as it may initially seem.

Aro, the oldest known vampire, possesses a great deal of knowledge and wisdom accumulated over centuries. His ability to read every thought a person has ever had by touching them also adds to his influence and power. However, despite his age and knowledge, Aro is not considered the most powerful vampire.

On the other hand, Bella Swan and Jane, though much younger, hold significant power due to their unique abilities. Bella’s shield power and Jane’s ability to create illusions of pain are influential in their own rights, proving that raw power can come in many forms and does not necessarily depend on the age of the vampire.

That said, while age can bring certain types of strength, like knowledge and experience, it is the unique abilities of each vampire that truly determine their power within the Twilight universe.