‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ First Look Brings Huge Disappointment amongst Fans

The very much anticipated prequel movie in the Hunger Games franchise has just dropped a photo on their social media platforms, leaving the fans with mixed feelings. 

Read on to find out more about the movie, as well as why not all Hunger Games are looking forward to the start of the 10th Hunger Games!

What is ‘Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ about? 

The prequel movie, which is based on yet another Suzanne Collins’ novel, will take place roughly 64 years before the first ‘Hunger Games’ movie. 

The plot will mainly revolve around Coriolanus Snow (portrayed by Donald Sutherland in the original franchise), almost 7 decades before he became the villain as we now know him. 

Young Snow will be portrayed by the young, talented actor Tom Blyth. 

The movie is, in fact, going to be a romantic one, which is the first thing that bothers Hunger Games fans. 

The prequel doesn’t match the tone of ‘Hunger Games’ 

“It’s this kind of love story set in a different kind of a world in a different time,” added Francis Lawrence, the director of the movie. 

While this is endearing to find out, many fans were quick to judge this love story, as it’s ‘too romantic’, especially since all of the Hunger Games books and movies revolve around the games themselves. 

The love story, which is deemed unnecessary, was given a title ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snowflakes’, due to its soft, almost high-school-romance elements. 

‘Is this Nicholas Sparks’ movie?’, another user added. 

Many others also joined in to vocalize their complaints about the soft photo of Snow and Lucy hugging in the grass. 

The novel was a huge disappointment as well 

While many of us have only ever watched the Hunger Games franchise on TV, there are a lot of Suzanne Collins fans out there who have also stated their disappointment. 

Namely, some fans have deemed the book a failure, due to too many romantic scenes and not many Hunger Games arena scenes. 

If we take a closer look at the plot of the upcoming prequel, it’s supposed to dig deeper into the Panem history. 

The scenery takes place 60+ years before Katniss was born, and it shows Panem in a very different light from what we have seen so far. 

This fact has, once again, made a lot of people kind of angry and disappointed, since the whole romance doesn’t really fit into the dystopian, revengeful and angry Panem as we know it. 

As there have been very few rebels before Katniss Everdeen, the movie already lacks the anger and resentment we expect from ‘Hunger Games’. 

Release Date

However, we have yet to witness the movie’s premiere, so let’s not be quick to judge. 

The movie is set to hit the theatres on November the 17th, 2023, giving us a lot of time to think about it!

Maybe Snow and Lucy turn out to be rebels and fighters, not just lovers, after all!