10 Terrible Movies by Great Actors, from Jack Nicholson to Robert Downey Jr.

Even Hollywood’s best actors can end up in disappointing movies. Here’s a list of ten films where actors like Jack Nicholson and Robert Downey Jr. appeared in movies that weren’t well-received, showing that every actor can have a flop in their career.

1. Scarlett Johansson in “The Perfect Score” (2004)

Scarlett Johansson starred in “The Perfect Score” (2004), a heist comedy that didn’t match the success of her other films. Critics found the movie predictable and felt it didn’t make full use of Johansson’s abilities. Despite this, she moved on to take on diverse roles, further establishing her reputation in the film industry.

2. Charlize Theron in “Aeon Flux” (2005)

Charlize Theron faced a challenge with “Aeon Flux” (2005), an action film that was poorly received at its release. Despite this setback, Theron continued to select diverse roles, maintaining her reputation as a versatile and respected actor in Hollywood.

3. Al Pacino in “Jack and Jill” (2011)

In this Adam Sandler comedy, Pacino plays a version of himself, an artistic choice that deviated significantly from his usual intense and dramatic roles. Much like the unexpected and widely criticized twist in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village,” Pacino’s involvement in “Jack and Jill” was met with confusion and disappointment by both critics and fans. However, this did not overshadow his legacy as one of the finest actors in cinema, with a career filled with much more critically acclaimed performances.

4. Robert De Niro in “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” (2004) & “Godsend” (2004)

2004 was not a particularly remarkable year for Robert De Niro, as he starred in “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” and “Godsend,” both of which failed to leave a significant mark. “The Bridge of San Luis Rey,” faced a very limited release, struggling to reach a wider audience, while “Godsend” was mired in criticism for its implausible plot. These films are movies where De Niro’s choice of projects didn’t quite align with his reputation for powerful performances.

5. Jack Nicholson in “Man Trouble” (1992)

Jack Nicholson, a titan of acting, encountered an unusual setback with “Man Trouble” in 1992. This foray into romantic comedy was met with disappointment, failing to connect with audiences and critics alike. It was a stark departure from Nicholson’s usual gravitas and charisma, showcasing a different facet of his acting repertoire that didn’t resonate as expected. “Man Trouble” remains a curious footnote in Nicholson’s otherwise illustrious career, marked by its inability to leverage his star power for box office success.

6. Robert Downey Jr. in “The Shaggy Dog” (2006)

In 2006, Robert Downey Jr. appeared in “The Shaggy Dog,” a remake that didn’t quite hit the mark. Known for his dynamic and often edgy roles, Downey Jr. found himself in a family comedy that was largely dismissed by audiences and critics. This film, coming at a time when Downey Jr. was redefining his career trajectory, definently didn’t help.

7. Willem Dafoe in “Body of Evidence” (1992)

This drama/thriller, which attempted to blend sensuality with mystery, fell short of critical and audience expectations. It showed a different side of Dafoe’s acting prowess but ultimately did not capitalize on his ability to deeply engage viewers, resulting in a film that many consider a low point in his otherwise impressive career.

8. Forest Whitaker in “Battlefield Earth” (2000)

Forest Whitaker found himself in the midst of a cinematic misadventure with “Battlefield Earth” in 2000. This sci-fi action film, widely panned for its storytelling and production, stands out as a stark contrast to Whitaker’s reputation for choosing impactful and meaningful roles. Despite his talents, Whitaker couldn’t salvage the film from becoming a critical and commercial debacle.

9. Daniel Day-Lewis in “Eversmile, New Jersey” (1989)

Daniel Day-Lewis in “Eversmile, New Jersey” presented a unique chapter in his illustrious career. Filmed in the scenic landscapes of Argentina and Patagonia, this project by Carlos Sorín offered Day-Lewis a change of pace from his intense role in “My Left Foot.” Featuring a Serbian star as the co-protagonist and a mix of Argentine and Uruguayan actors, the film promised an eclectic and international experience. However, “Eversmile, New Jersey” turned out to be a commercial flop, leaving audiences puzzled about its intentions.

10. Meryl Streep in “Lions for Lambs” (2007)

Despite its ambitious intent and star-studded cast, didn’t quite hit the mark with audiences and critics. The film struggled to deliver its message compellingly, leading to a lukewarm reception. For Streep, known for her exceptional ability to delve into diverse characters, this role was perhaps less challenging compared to her other, more critically acclaimed performances.

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