Samuel L. Jackson Almost Lost His Iconic ‘Pulp Fiction’ Role

Tarantino wanted Jackson to play the role of Jules, but when Paul Calderon showed up for an audition, it nearly convinced Tarantino to pick him instead.

If you’re a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, you’ve probably watched the cult classic “Pulp Fiction” more times than you can count. Samuel L. Jackson’s legendary portrayal of the tough-talking hitman Jules Winnfield is unforgettable, but did you know he almost didn’t land the role? Let’s take a step back in time and look at how this close call went down.

Apparently, another actor, Paul Calderón, had given such a spectacular audition for the role of Jules that Tarantino was seriously considering casting him. Calderón brought a unique, gritty vibe to the character that left a strong impression on Tarantino and the rest of the casting crew.

When Jackson got wind of this, he wasn’t ready to back down. Despite already having an initial audition, he decided to hop on a plane to Los Angeles for a second shot. He was so determined to claim the part of Jules Winnfield that he made the trip without a second thought.

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Here’s where the story gets even cooler: Jackson rocked up to the audition looking a bit scruffy from his last-minute flight, munching on a fast food burger and sipping a drink. If you’ve seen “Pulp Fiction,” you’ll remember the iconic scene where Jules casually munches on a guy’s burger during a tense conversation.

Well, Jackson’s burger-munching audition unintentionally echoed this scene, and he proceeded to deliver such an electrifying performance that he secured the role on the spot. Talk about life imitating art!

Calderón, despite missing out on the part of Jules, was offered a smaller role in the film, which he accepted.