Who is Paul Johansson’s Wife? Is he Married?

When it comes to Paul Johansson and relationships, one may be confused by the people he dates.

He has been in many relationships; some were known to the public, while others were well-guarded secrets that even the media knew little about.

Is Paul Johansson married?

No, Paul is not married, nor he has a girlfriend at the moment. He was once married to Gabriel Oltean, but the two divorced.

Currently, he is dating a lady named Stephanie Ann, and not much is known about her or their relationship apart from the fact that a picture emerged of them sharing a kiss in October 2019. 

He posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, “Some things are real.”

Before his relationship with Stephanie, he was married to Oltean, but they did not have any kids together.

His other relationships were with Julia Jones, but it ended in 2009.

He also dated Katherine Bailess from 2005 to 2006 and Kim Henderson from 1992 to 1993.

In 2016, a court ordered the actor to keep his distance from his baby mama and their son. Some sources refer to her as his former wife.

Paul Johansson’s Son

The woman is known as Mercedes Connor, and she claimed the actor overreacted after their child suffered from a food allergy scare. 

The boy was allergic to peanuts.

It was reported that he started eating cookies made using peanuts when he started coughing.

Connor stated that the actor put his hands on her before snatching her phone from her and leaving with the kid.

Mercedes revealed that Johannsson returned their child after a neighbor came to her rescue.

She revealed the incident shook her but stated it was not a random occurrence since it was one of the many instances the actor had abused her, and she was building a case against him. 

The judge ordered the actor to stay away from Mercedes and their child until a hearing scheduled for September in the same year. 

While responding to Mercedes after the court gave a temporary restraining order against him, the actor revealed that she was a terrible parent.

He said she used to give their child sleeping pills to make him sleep at night. 

Paul also revealed that he snatched the phone from her because she was concentrating on it the moment their child suffered the allergy attack. 

She only started responding when he insisted that the young Johansson was not alright. 

The two had very serious issues, and their reason for going to court was to figure out many things.

At the time, many were hopeful everything turned out in the child’s best interest since he needed the love and attention he could get from both parents. 

He is Dedicated to Taking Care of His Son

One thing fans can be sure of is his dedication to his son. 

In March 2016, he posted a picture of his son kissing him on Instagram, which showed fans how affectionate he was towards the child.

In October 2017, the actor posted a picture of him and his son on Instagram. 

From the caption, one could see the picture was taken earlier.

At the time, the actor also spent most of his time with Bethany Joy Lenz, grappling with serious issues regarding his son’s happiness. 

The actor is considered tough on screen, but his love for his child shows that he also has a soft spot.

All we can say is even though he is in a relationship, he is good at hiding details regarding his romantic life and has dated several women in the past.

Pinpointing details regarding his past and current relationship may be difficult, but one thing is for sure is that he loves his child so much.