What Was Nikola Tesla’s IQ?

Intelligence is a term that we use to describe the ability to solve complex problems as well as understand new concepts.

There are different methods of intelligence tests applied for centuries. IQ or intelligence quotient test is one way of figuring out someone’s intelligence level.

People are always interested in knowing famous people’s IQs. So here we will share “what was Nikola Tesla’s IQ?”

Nikola Tesla is a well-known Serbian-American scientist recognized for his inventions in alternating current (AC) electricity. Let’s find out about this man’s IQ level.

What Is IQ (Intelligence Quotient)?

Intelligence quotients are composite scores calculated from standard intelligence tests.

This number can help you determine how intelligent someone is. Furthermore, it may provide insight into their mental state of mind. For instance, you can also find out if they’re suffering from depression or dementia.

It has been found that people with higher IQs tend to live longer lives than those who have lower Intelligence Quotient scores.

IQ Levels and Their Rating

  • 115-124 IQ: Above average
  • 125-134 IQ: Gifted
  • 135-144 IQ: Highly gifted
  • 145-154 IQ: Genius
  • 155-164 IQ: Genius
  • 165-179 IQ: High genius
  • 180-200 IQ: Highest genius
  • 200 or above IQ: Immeasurable genius

Nikola Tesla Was a Genius

Inventor and genius were just two words that came to mind when we heard about Nikola Tesla’s accomplishments in engineering! He was a true genius of his times but he wasn’t recognized for it.

He had an IQ Score of 160 to 310 points (depending on what method you use).

Tesla had the intelligence necessary to create his technology and inventions. And that too without any help from others. He is mostly remembered for his work related to alternating current (AC) electricity. His work is the basis of our present-day electrical system.

He designed the first hydroelectric power plant in Canada during that late 19th century period. Throughout his lifetime Nikola Tesla was called many names. “Genius” was the most on-point among them. Tesla is known to be one of those people with an IQ level higher than Einstein’s!

Nikola Tesla’s Rivalry with Thomas Edison

The rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla is one of the most intense rivalries in history. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla wagered over who would provide electricity for the world in 1881.

Both of these famous inventors had different ideas about how power should be generated.

Thomas favored his rival’s direct current system (DC current) with its quicker speed but less longevity. Especially when compared to alternating currents (AC current) created by Tesla.

But we can’t say one is greater as both had their research and experiments. Both are great inventors and geniuses of their times.

Nikola Tesla’s Accomplishments

Nikola Tesla also commonly known as just “Tesla” is the inventor of things like alternating current machinery and Tesla coils. He was born during a lightning storm so his intelligence ranged from 160-310! Let’s have a look at the perks of Nicholas Tesla’s IQ.

1. Knew 8 Languages

Tesla knew around 8 different languages from across the world. So whatever topic was discussed with him he could fluently talk about it and to all different kinds of people.

2. Every Day Inventions

Tesla’s inventions have played big parts in our everyday lives. For example, how we use remotes to change channels or adjust the volume on a device while watching shows. Furthermore, he created fluorescent light bulbs to help reduce traffic accidents. Here’s a list of his inventions:

  • Neon and fluorescent fights
  • Remote control
  • Wireless transmission
  • Computers
  • Smart phones
  • Laser beams
  • X-rays
  • Robotics
  • Alternating current

3.  A Very Good Memory

Nikola Tesla’s high IQ gave him an excellent memory. As well as the ability to symbolize all the intricate details in the machine.

With Tesla’s brain complex math was no problem. He could retain memories quickly and he could conduct experiments impossible to perform now without modern technology.

Nikola Tesla’s Achievements Ignored

Though Tesla was one of America’s most important scientists he is often overlooked in history. His name does not come to appear as much as it should.

Tesla’s former boss (and nemesis) Thomas Edison received all honors for his invention with the light bulb. Whereas assistants like Nickola Tesla had a big role by helping him develop ways we use electricity at home today.