Mandrae Collins Net Worth (2024 Update!)

Mandrae Collins has a total net worth of approximately $4 million as of January 2024, according to our analysis.

Mandrae is known for his time on the basketball court. He’s been a part of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters since 2018, showing off his impressive skills and entertaining crowds everywhere.

Before that, he played with the New York Nationals. It’s not just the salary from playing that adds to his wallet but also any endorsements or sponsorships that come with being a well-known athlete.

But Mandrae didn’t just stop at basketball. He’s also made quite a splash in the auto finance industry. For over 17 years, he’s been working his way up and is now a manager at Mercedes-Benz Finance Services USA, LLC, in Fort Worth, Texas.

That’s a big deal because it means he’s not only good with a basketball but also with numbers and business. Working in such a high position for a well-known company, he’s likely getting a nice paycheck that significantly boosts his net worth.

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Beyond his financial successes, Mandrae is a family man at heart, deeply embedded in the large Collins family. He and his wife, Karissa Collins, have been married for 14 years, creating a life filled with love, faith, and a bustling household.

Karissa, born on January 11, 1984, is a devoted mother to their nine children. With her Capricorn determination and dedication, she embraces her role, guided by God’s grace. Mandrae, born a Scorpio on November 13, 1983, is affectionately known as “Daddy” in the family. Together, they prioritize a family environment centered on faith and individual growth.

The Collins family chooses to homeschool their children, valuing the flexibility it provides. They tailor the educational experience to each child’s unique interests and pace, stepping away from the constraints of traditional schooling. This approach reflects their dedication to hands-on parenting and their desire to be deeply involved in their children’s learning and development.

In their journey of faith and family, Karissa has shared her transition from using birth control to relying on natural family planning, a decision rooted in her spiritual beliefs. Her musical tastes have also evolved, now favoring Christian music that she finds more resonant with her faith and family life.

Their views extend to discipline, where they consider spanking as a form of correcting and guiding their children, believing it can contribute positively to their future behavior. While this view is subject to personal beliefs and cultural norms, it’s an aspect of their approach to raising their children.

Mandrae and Karissa actively share their life, beliefs, and experiences with a wider audience through their YouTube channel, “Created Collins For Christ.”

Here, they’ve cultivated a substantial following, engaging with over 8.55K subscribers and amassing more than 1 million viewers. Their Instagram account also reflects a significant reach, with 1 million followers tuning in to their family’s updates and insights.