Lines from ‘Better Call Saul’ That Left Fans Heartbroken

Fans of Vince Gilligan’s ‘Breaking Bad’ prequel, ‘Better Call Saul’, know that the show isn’t just about the trials and tribulations of a small-time lawyer, Jimmy McGill, transforming into the sleazy attorney Saul Goodman.

They also know that this critically acclaimed series has its fair share of gut-wrenching moments that delve into the depths of its characters, leaving fans devastated.

From confessions of guilt to painful truths and shattered promises, here are some of the most heart-breaking lines from ‘Better Call Saul’, according to the show’s Reddit community.

Mike’s confession about his son, Matty

It’s a scene that lays bare the guilt and regret of a man who has lost his son, and it’s heart-wrenching. Mike Ehrmantraut, played masterfully by Jonathan Banks, confesses how he corrupted his own son, resulting in his tragic death.

He tearfully admits, “I got Matty to take the money. And they killed him two days later… I made him lesser. I made him like me.” The raw emotion of this scene resonated deeply with fans, showcasing the depth of guilt that Mike carries with him.

Kim’s “I love you too, but so what?”

When Kim Wexler, portrayed by Rhea Seehorn, responds to Jimmy’s love confession with “I love you too, but so what?”, it leaves fans reeling.

This line perfectly encapsulates the strain in their relationship and the futility of love when the dynamics are skewed. For some fans, this line hit particularly close to home, echoing their own heartbreak.

Jimmy’s confession: “Because I…was having…too…much…FUN”

In a moment of honesty, Jimmy admits to enjoying the risky and deceptive path he’s embarked on, leaving his brother Chuck and fans shocked.

This line exposes Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman, highlighting how the thrill of wrongdoing can sometimes be too enticing to resist.

Chuck’s cruel rejection: “You’re not a real lawyer!”

When Chuck cruelly tells Jimmy he’s not a real lawyer, it’s not just an insult; it’s a rejection of Jimmy’s dreams and the idea of them ever being a team.

This revelation, that it was Chuck and not Howard who sabotaged his career, broke Jimmy and the hearts of fans alike.

Jimmy’s empty promises to Kim

Each time Jimmy reassures Kim, saying “it’ll never happen again,” fans feel the pain in Kim’s eyes.

Despite her love for Jimmy, she can’t help but see the cycle they’re stuck in – a cycle of broken promises and false reassurances that only lead to more heartache.

‘Better Call Saul’ has proven time and again that it’s not just a legal drama or a prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’ but a deeply emotional exploration of flawed, complex characters that fans have come to love and empathize with.