Fans are Baffled by Better Call Saul’s Kim and Jimmy’s Unhealthy Habits and Perfect Looks

Let’s admit it: one of the best parts about immersing ourselves in a television series is getting lost in the richly imagined lives of the characters.

We inhabit their homes, accompany them on their daily routines, and get a peek into their private lives. Often, these glimpses feel so real, it’s like we’re there, in the thick of it all. However, every so often, a detail doesn’t add up, causing us to scratch our heads in wonder.

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Such is the case with the hit show “Better Call Saul,” particularly when it comes to the lifestyles of two key characters: Kim Wexler and Jimmy McGill. Kim, a hardworking lawyer, and Jimmy, the ethically flexible attorney who eventually becomes the infamous Saul Goodman, share a lot in common.

Their strong bond, relentless work ethic, and mutual drive for success form the backbone of their relationship.

But there’s one aspect of their lives that can’t help but raise eyebrows – their diet and health habits. As regular viewers will note, Kim and Jimmy seem to subsist on a steady stream of takeout food and cigarettes.

Their kitchen appears to be for decorative purposes only; pots, pans, and the wholesome aroma of home cooking are noticeably absent.

Despite this, both characters maintain a surprisingly pristine appearance. The dichotomy is a glaring one: they eat like there’s no tomorrow, smoke like chimneys, but seem to suffer no visible repercussions in their physical health or looks.

How is this even possible?

Some might argue that this is simply television magic, a dramatic license that allows characters to live in ways that would not be sustainable in real life. After all, who wants to watch a show about people doing meal prep and counting calories?

Drama and action are the heart of a good TV series, not nutritional charts.

However, the portrayal of Kim and Jimmy’s lifestyle choices could also be a clever narrative device. The constant consumption of takeout and chain smoking are visual shorthand for their chaotic lives, always on the move, never pausing to take a breath.

This outward manifestation of their internal turmoil serves to heighten the tension and drama inherent in the show.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this kind of paradox has appeared in the Breaking Bad universe. Walter White, a character notorious for his junk food consumption, once remarked to Jesse Pinkman, “How are you still alive?” – a sentiment shared by many viewers.

In truth, many people lead unhealthy lifestyles and manage to look good on the outside until their 40s or 50s, when the physical toll starts to show.

Perhaps we’re catching Kim and Jimmy in their ‘prime time,’ before the ramifications of their choices catch up to them. But for now, their seemingly implausible health and vitality remain one of the delicious mysteries of “Better Call Saul.”