Dynasty Season 6: All We Know

Dynasty is a series based on the 1980s show with the same name.

The series started showing on The CW in the US in December 2021.

It was revived for a fifth season at the beginning of the year and has been among the best series on the network since 2017.

Will there be a season six of Dynasty?

No, unfortunately, no. Dynasty has five seasons.

The fifth season was about legacy and what it meant to live a strong legacy.

There was a lot of champagne and caviar, pageantry and hair-pulling, and new characters with old secrets to safeguard their wealth. 

In 2018, the series won the Best Revival Show at the People’s Choice Awards. 

Since then, it has produced four more seasons, with the fifth and final season airing in December 2021.

After the last episode of season five, many questioned whether there would be a sixth season. 

The Network Canceled the Show After Season Five

The CW network decided to cancel many shows leading to a lack of renewal on some of their most popular shows.

This also included Dynasty. 

The network chose to end the show since it was in a bad place for it to be renewed due to the dwindling ratings. 

Previous renewals stemmed from the money it generated for CBS studios when the show aired on Netflix. 

The fifth season began airing before the new era dawned, and it continued to show despite the uncertain times the network faced.

It was among the last series in the CW shows that aired their final episodes. 

The show’s fanbase also speculated that it would be renewed for season six since they felt it would be reconsidered due to increased public demand.

Due to the previous seasons’ low ratings on the network, this seemed questionable and far-fetched. 

Many also said that when Netflix and The CW’s collaboration ended in 2019, the two companies decided that they would cancel various series. 

This was also one of the reasons The CW chose to stop creating the show and investing in new episodes. 

The Future of Dynasty

The 80s version had nine seasons. 

Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz combined with Sallie Patrick and the original series’ creators Esther Shapiro and Richard Shapiro to create a modern-day reboot. 

This meant some things had to be changed to make it more inclusive. 

The show experienced a dip in viewership, and The CW was in the process of being bought by Nexstar. 

There has never been any mention of the show’s future. 

Season five contained 22 episodes, and the finale episode was aired in July 2022. 

The CW chose to rerun old episodes, which are on Netflix, where it currently has four seasons, with the final season set to be included on the streaming site in September 2022.