‘Age of Ultron’ is the Best Avengers Movie, Despite its Box Office Performance

The Low-Grossing Gem that Enriched the MCU.

For many, “Avengers: Endgame” is the crowning glory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, a different movie deserves a lot more credit than it’s been given. Let’s talk about “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, the lowest-grossing film of the Avengers series, but arguably the best one.

Unlike the rest of the Avengers movies that follow the same formula, “Age of Ultron” broke the mold. It added a layer of complexity to the plot, filled with subtleties, insights, and unique elements that didn’t appear in previous MCU movies.

Sure, it earned $1.4 billion at the box office, falling short of the $1.5 billion benchmark set by its siblings. But where it lacked in box office revenue, it made up for in substance.

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Characters in ‘Age of Ultron’ Get Real

“Age of Ultron” took us beyond the standard superhero trope. Rather than presenting us with one-dimensional characters, it offered us a complex ensemble of heroes, each with their own personal struggles and growth arcs.

One of the standouts was Tony Stark. We see him grappling with his ego and what has been termed his ‘God complex.’ His ambition to create a global defense program leads to the creation of Ultron, the movie’s villain. This development gives us a different perspective on Stark’s character, showing that even superheroes can make big mistakes, and illuminates the consequences of unchecked ego and ambition.

Next, we have Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff, whose budding romance was a surprising but welcome subplot. Their relationship highlighted a softer side of both characters, showing us that even in a world full of chaos, there is room for love. It also revealed the characters’ vulnerabilities and desires for normalcy, elements that are often overlooked in superhero narratives.

Then there’s Hawkeye, who up until this point was seen as one of the less important characters. In “Age of Ultron,” we get to see his secret life as a family man, which was incredibly touching and added a great deal of depth to his character. These scenes humanize him, making us see him not just as a member of the Avengers, but as a husband and a father.

“Age of Ultron” also introduces us to Wanda Maximoff’s fear manipulation abilities, which result in the Avengers facing their deepest fears. This gave us a chance to explore the backstories of our heroes and brought to the fore their inner struggles and insecurities.

All these character developments are what made “Age of Ultron” stand out from the rest. It went beyond the superhero action to digg deeper into the psyche of its characters, offering audiences a richer and more nuanced narrative.

New Faces in the Marvel Universe Promise Exciting Future

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” didn’t just focus on the existing Avengers; it introduced us to new characters that played significant roles in the storyline and would later become key players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

First, we were introduced to the Maximoff twins, Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver). Both added a refreshing new dynamic to the film, with Wanda’s psychic powers and Pietro’s super speed making for some memorable moments. Despite their initial hostility towards the Avengers, they eventually join forces to defeat Ultron. This transition from being antagonists to allies was smoothly executed and contributed greatly to the film’s narrative depth.

Among the twins, it was Wanda who particularly stood out. Her journey in the MCU started here, but she went on to play significant roles in future installments, and her character has continued to develop, culminating in the Disney+ series “WandaVision.” In “Age of Ultron,” we saw her traumatic past and how it shaped her into the character she is. Her powers, which were mysterious and awe-inspiring, played a crucial role in the narrative, providing the catalyst for the Avengers to face their deepest fears.

The movie also gave us Vision, an android created by Ultron who later turns against him. Vision was a surprise package in the film, a calm and insightful character who provided a philosophical perspective on the unfolding chaos. His birth was not just a plot device; it helped to add emotional depth to the narrative and paved the way for Vision’s future storylines in the MCU.

In short, “Age of Ultron” did a fantastic job of introducing new characters to the MCU. Not only did they add more complexity and diversity to the narrative, but they also paved the way for the future development of the MCU’s storyline. Their introduction played a significant role in making “Age of Ultron” one of the most essential movies in the Avengers series.

The Real Team Experience

“Age of Ultron” gave us a team. An actual, fleshed-out, emotionally complex team. Many fans believe this installment has aged better than its siblings, specifically the first Avengers film.

Don’t get us wrong; box office hits are great. But, “Age of Ultron” proves that grossing less doesn’t make a movie any less valuable. It took us deeper into the MCU, helped us understand our heroes better, and gave us a story that stood out from the rest. It may not be the biggest money-maker, but in our book, it’s the best one of the entire Avengers series. So yeah, fight us!