2024 Oscars Best Actor Predictions: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy Open as Favorites

The Oscars 2024 Best Actor race is buzzing with excitement.

So many talented actors are in the running, and everyone’s got a favorite. Let’s dive into the list and see why many are rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio — “Killers of the Flower Moon” (Apple Original Films/Paramount Pictures)

Leonardo DiCaprio has already won an Oscar and been nominated 7 times. In “Killers of the Flower Moon,” he dives deep into the story of the Osage County murder investigations.

His strong bond with the character and the magic he makes with director Martin Scorsese puts him right at the top of the list.

2. Cillian Murphy — “Oppenheimer” (Universal Pictures)

Cillian Murphy has turned heads with his role as J. Robert Oppenheimer. He brings out the scientist’s inner battles and dilemmas, making the film a must-watch.

Cillian Murphy, while not an Oscar winner, has an impressive 10 awards and 46 nominations throughout his career. Notably, he’s been recognized by the BAFTA Awards for his role in “Peaky Blinders” and received a Gold Derby Film Award nomination for Ensemble Cast.

3. Jeffrey Wright — “American Fiction” (MGM)

In “American Fiction,” Jeffrey Wright gives a performance that’s both lively and memorable. He plays his character with a mix of humor and depth, making it easy for audiences to connect with him.

4. Adam Driver — “Ferrari” (Neon)

Adam Driver, always committed to his roles, shines in “Ferrari.” Taking on a pivotal role in the racing world, he delivers with passion, intensity, and an energy that keeps audiences hooked.

While he’s been nominated for Oscars twice before, he’s yet to take one home. His genuine portrayal in this film might just change that, making him a standout in this year’s lineup.

5. Paul Giamatti — “The Holdovers” (Focus Features)

Paul Giamatti has always had a knack for pulling at our heartstrings. In “The Holdovers,” he’s at it again, playing a character wrestling with the relentless march of time.

Every scene he’s in feels real and raw. While he’s yet to clinch an Oscar, this role might just be his ticket.

6. Matt Damon — “Air” (Amazon MGM Studios)

Matt Damon, a five-time Oscar winner with two for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting Actor, delivers another stellar performance in “Air.”

As a pilot navigating the complexities of life, Damon’s portrayal is both heartfelt and relatable. With his track record and the buzz around this role, he’s definitely one to watch.

7. Bradley Cooper — “Maestro” (Netflix)

    Bradley Cooper, with his magnetic presence, draws us into the musical world of “Maestro.” He’s already made a mark at the Academy Awards in the past, and this role, filled with passion and ambition, might just add another nomination to his list. Every time Cooper steps onto the screen, it’s a performance worth remembering.