Why Did Topher Grace Change His Name?

In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Topher Grace revealed why he changed his name. In the interview with Anthony Anderson for the Show, they discussed why he went from Christopher to Topher. Topher said:

I was Chris when I was a kid… People would call me Chris, and I wanted to go by Christopher,” he explained. “My mom’s name is Patricia, and people only called her Pat, so she always said ‘You should go by your full name.

I bet you have been wondering for a long time why the actor shortened his name. The answer might just surprise you! Keep reading to find out why.

Who is Topher Grace?

A little background will suffice.

Topher Grace was born Christopher John Grace in New York to Pat and John Grace. He grew up in Darien, Connecticut. Topher attended school in New Hampshire, where he began his acting career in flicks such as Dreamcoat and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor.

Amazingly, Topher tried his hand at directing when still in High School. In coordination with his classmates, they staged a choose-your-own-style movie.

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Grace later dropped out of New Hampshire Boarding School to start his acting career. He joined That 70’s Show in 1998 when he was only 20 years old. Topher had landed the part because its directors had seen him acting in school- where their daughter studied.

Apart from his acting in New Hampshire, the young actor had never had any experience before landing such a significant role.

Why did Topher Grace change his name?

Topher Grace changed his name because he didn’t like to be called Chris. Many people called him Chris when he was young, and he would finish it with Topher to reiterate that they call him by his full name.

In his interview with Anthony Anderson of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor said:

So I’d say, ‘Hi, my name’s Christopher, and they’d say, ‘Nice to meet you, Chris,'” he said, taking a pause. “And I’d say ‘-Topher.

He continued, stating that when he was in New Hampshire, high school, he joked that he would use Topher as his official name. To his surprise, the hottest girl in school said, “That’s cute!”

“So that was it, it wasn’t like a Hollywood thing or anything,” he added.

What are some of Topher Grace’s famous film works?

Besides That 70’s Show, it isn’t easy to imagine Topher Grace as one of the most fabulous faces in American cinema. However, the 2018 prestigious film festival in Cannes reveals the opposite.

The actor appeared in Black Klansman and Under the Silver Lake and was for the first time considered in the competition. For Topher, this is not an accident. On many occasions, he has insisted that he prefers to work with auteurs like Mitchell and Lee.

He noted that he left That 70’s Show to pursue other endeavors as he had received enough money. His wife also played a crucial role in his departure from the show which brought him into the limelight.

Taking a New Direction

After starring for seven seasons as Eric Forman in That 70s Show, the actor changed the direction of his career. He recalls telling his agents that he only wanted to work with auteurs. This did not go down well with the Show and his managers.

They reminded him that opting for such would give him more minor roles and less money. However, Topher didn’t really care much for the money.

Two of the movies he took lead roles in were nominated in Cannes and meant much to him. Topher relishes this accomplishment as it cements what he had been trying to do with his career ever since he left That 70s Show. He insists that he wants to only work with auteurs whose work he respects.

Among the auteurs’ Grace has worked with include Lee and Mitchell, David Michod, and Christopher Nolan. Topher also got a supporting turn opposite Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett in Zodiac.

While most of you would want to associate Topher Grace with Eddie Brock or Venom in Spiderman 3, his passion doesn’t lie there.  

After stepping away from the studio films, Topher remarked that they are financially motivated industries. They change it into a commodity for one to repeat a thing over and over again. Topher stepped away as he preferred working with creatives.