The Worst Twilight Saga Movies According to Reddit

Those five movies that took the world by storm, following the love triangle between the charming vampire Edward, the relatable girl-next-door Bella, and the hot werewolf Jacob.

Twilight gave us a whole lot of teen angst, epic love, and sparkly vampires. But not all Twilight Saga movies are created equal, according to fans on Reddit. So, which one comes up short?

Ahh, “Eclipse.” The third movie in the Twilight Saga and, according to a number of fans on Reddit, the least favorite of them all. So, what makes “Eclipse” the odd one out in the glittering vampire saga?

For starters, it seems that a big sticking point for fans was the casting change for Victoria, the fiery-haired vampire with a vengeful streak. She was played by Rachelle Lefevre in the first two movies but was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in “Eclipse.” This switch-up didn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

The portrayal of Jacob in “Eclipse” also got some flack. Apparently, our werewolf friend came off as a bit of a manipulative whiner, which didn’t win him any popularity points. One fan put it like this: “Jacob is super annoying” in “Eclipse.” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Then there’s the love triangle, the beating heart of the Twilight saga. The whole Edward-Bella-Jacob thing is supposed to be a high-stakes emotional roller coaster, but some fans felt like “Eclipse” missed the mark. They felt the situation wasn’t fully understood, and this left Bella looking like a not-so-nice person.

One Reddit user said, “Eclipse. I always skip it when I watch the movies. It’s so annoying.” While another one agreed, stating, “Eclipse. Something just feels off about the whole thing.” It seems “Eclipse” just didn’t hit home for some fans the way the other movies did.

Oh, let’s not forget about the other contenders that fans love to poke fun at, too! “New Moon” and “Breaking Dawn Part 2” share the spotlight for a distant second place in the race for the most disliked Twilight movie.

Now, “New Moon” is a rollercoaster of emotions, isn’t it? Edward leaves, Bella is heartbroken, and then there’s Jacob trying to mend her broken heart with his hot werewolf charm. But fans felt that the movie was just too much drama and not enough action. The movie was practically soaked in tears and left fans feeling a bit soggy.

And then we have “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” The grand finale of the Twilight Saga. It promised an epic battle, shocking twists, and a romantic resolution. Did it deliver? According to one fan, not so much.

They said, “It’s the worst elements of the worst book portrayed through tired acting performances and terrible CGI. Without a doubt the saga’s rock bottom for me.” Ouch! That’s gotta sting.

According to the fans on Reddit, “Eclipse” takes the cake as the least favorite Twilight movie, with “New Moon” and “Breaking Dawn Part 2” not too far behind. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s clear that Twilight fans are as passionate as ever. One thing’s for sure, though. Even the least favorite Twilight movie is still a Twilight movie.