Sean Paul Reyes Net Worth (2024 Update)

Sean Paul Reyes has a total net worth of approximately $4 million as of January 2024, according to our analysis.

Most of Reyes’ money comes from his YouTube channel, Long Island Audit. Here, he creates videos where he checks how public officials and institutions are doing their jobs.

People like his videos because he digs into important topics and shows what’s going on. This popularity helps him earn a good amount of money, with reports saying he makes around $500,000 every year.

Apart from his YouTube work, Sean has made some noise with his actions, like leading a protest against the NYPD on Staten Island. This kind of activity gets him a lot of attention and supports his income in different ways.

How Sean Paul Reyes Makes His Money

Sean Paul Reyes, known to many as the Long Island Auditor, has a mix of activities that help him earn money. On YouTube, his channel ‘Long Island Audit’ is a big hit. He makes money from ads that show up on his videos.

The more people watch and like his videos, the more money he can make. It’s one of the main ways he earns his income.

His work in activism, especially when he leads protests or speaks out on big issues, also helps him make money. People who support his causes might give him donations or buy things he sells related to his activism, like t-shirts or stickers. Sometimes, he might get paid to speak at events or rallies because people want to hear what he has to say.

As for journalism, Sean writes and reports about important issues, and this work can also pay. Whether he’s writing for newspapers or magazines or doing his own investigations, he gets paid for the stories he digs up and shares. Sometimes, if he writes a book or a big report, he might make money from selling those too.