Mission Impossible and John Wick Are the Only Franchises That Kept Getting Better And Better With Each Movie

There are countless movie franchises in the world, but only a handful manage to truly capture our hearts and minds. Among those, even fewer manage to consistently outdo themselves with every installment.

Remarkably, there are two blockbuster series that have not just maintained their momentum but have, in fact, improved with each new release. This unique feat has been achieved by the adrenaline-fueled action sagas “Mission Impossible” and “John Wick”. The astonishing progress these franchises have made over time is not just a testament to excellent filmmaking but also an exciting anomaly in an industry where sequels often struggle to recapture the magic of their predecessors.

Do you remember when Tom Cruise first played Ethan Hunt in “Mission Impossible” back in 1996? Maybe you were just a kid then, or perhaps you hadn’t even been born yet. But the truth is, from that first movie, something incredible happened. This series got better…and better…and even better!

Usually, in the movie world, sequels don’t live up to the original. But with “Mission Impossible,” it’s like they took that rule, tossed it out of a speeding airplane, and then watched it explode in mid-air! Check out these ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. The first movie got a decent 66%. But look what happens as we go along – “Mission Impossible 3” scores 71%, “Ghost Protocol” jumps to 93%, “Rogue Nation” hits 94%, “Fallout” peaks at a whopping 97%, and “Dead Reckoning Pt. 1” is an amazing 98%. Can you believe it? This franchise isn’t just climbing up the ladder of success; it’s riding a rocket!

Now, let’s change gears and take a look at “John Wick.” This series is like a boxer who gets stronger with each round. When we first meet John Wick in the 2014 film, he’s a man of few words but a lot of action. The movie earned a solid 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, a great start indeed.

But wait, there’s more! “John Wick” didn’t stop there. The sequel scored an 89% rating, matching it with the third movie. And the fourth movie? It knocked it out of the park with an incredible 94% rating. It’s like each punch Wick throws, and every bullet he fires, makes the franchise stronger and better.

So, what’s the secret recipe behind the success of “Mission Impossible” and “John Wick”? It’s simple. These series never get complacent. They constantly find new ways to surprise us, thrill us, and keep us on the edge of our seats. They take us on a roller coaster ride of action, suspense, and incredible stunts, making us eagerly wait for the next movie.

In a world where movie franchises often lose steam after the first or second film, “Mission Impossible” and “John Wick” are true outliers but some other franchises were really close to achieving this rare feat. The “Mad Max” series is an excellent example. This dystopian saga wowed audiences from the get-go, with the first film receiving a rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. The sequel, “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”, took things up a notch and scored an even more impressive 95%.

But then came “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. While it wasn’t a bad film by any means – its 81% rating can attest to that – it was a dip from its predecessor’s lofty heights. And although the fourth movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road”, managed to rally and notch an incredible 97% rating, the slight stumble of the third film meant that the franchise, as brilliant as it is, couldn’t quite maintain an unbroken streak of improvement.