Jade Warshaw’s Net Worth

Jade Warshaw’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024.

Jade Warshaw is an inspiring example of overcoming financial challenges and using that experience to help others.

With her husband, Sam, Jade managed to pay off a staggering $460,000 in debt. This journey sparked a passion for financial coaching and helping others navigate their own debt challenges.

Originally a professional vocalist, Jade performed in 92 countries alongside her husband. Despite their exciting careers, they faced a mountain of debt early in their marriage, including $280,000 in student loans and additional debts from credit cards and an investment property.

This financial burden led them to accept the strategies of financial guru Dave Ramsey, author of “The Total Money Makeover.”

The Warshaws’ journey to debt freedom wasn’t easy. It involved taking on various jobs to earn extra money and selling almost everything they owned.

Their hard work and determination eventually paid off, allowing them to establish Warshaw Entertainment, a talent agency that helped them further reduce their debt.

Today, Jade Warshaw is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, a debt elimination expert, and a debt-free entrepreneur. She’s dedicated to teaching others how to shift their mindsets and actions around money.

As a Ramsey personality, she shares her knowledge and experience with a wider audience, helping many achieve financial freedom and stability.

How does Jade Warshaw make her money?

Jade Warshaw has multiple sources of income, which stem from her professional career and entrepreneurial ventures:

Financial Coaching and Public Speaking

As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and debt elimination expert, Jade likely earns income through financial coaching services.

She helps individuals and families navigate their financial challenges, similar to what she and her husband experienced. Additionally, public speaking engagements, particularly those related to financial literacy and debt management, are another potential source of income.

Warshaw Entertainment

Jade and her husband, Sam, founded Warshaw Entertainment, a talent agency.

This business venture likely generates income by booking and managing gigs for artists in live venues and on cruise lines. The agency uses Jade and Sam’s experience in the entertainment industry to help other artists find work.

Affiliations with Ramsey Solutions

As a Ramsey personality, Jade may earn income through her association with Ramsey Solutions.

This could include payments for her appearances on Ramsey shows, contributions to Ramsey Solutions’ content (like articles or digital courses), and possibly a share in sales of Ramsey Solutions products that she promotes.

Book Sales and Related Ventures

If Jade has written any books or developed any courses related to financial management or her journey to debt freedom, sales from these could also contribute to her income.

Personal Brand and Online Presence

Through her personal brand, Jade might also earn money. This can include income from sponsored content on social media, affiliate marketing, and potentially her own digital products or services related to financial coaching and budgeting.