7 Of The Worst Girlfriends On TV And Film Of All Time

Movie Girlfriends Who Would Make Real-Life Dating a Nightmare!

We’re about to talk about the worst movie girlfriends of all time. You know, those characters that, on the surface, might have seemed like the dream girl, but were really a nightmare in disguise.

As much as we love our films, let’s be honest: Hollywood has served up more than its fair share of awful on-screen girlfriends. And while we’ve laughed, cried, and yelled at our screens over their antics, it’s time we call them out for what they are: really bad partners.

From the ones who broke hearts without a second thought to the ones who should’ve come with a ‘danger’ sign, these fictional ladies have shaped our understanding of love and relationships – for better or for worse.

Jenny in Forest Gump

Her sporadic appearances in Forrest’s life, mixed with her tendency to push him away when things get tough, have led many viewers to question her loyalty and commitment.

Her inability to reciprocate Forrest’s unconditional love throughout the film leaves a sour taste for those looking for a more supportive and present partner.

Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

Initially, Amy presents herself as the perfect partner, however, as the story unfolds, we discover she’s anything but.

This all culminates in her going so far as to frame her husband Nick for her own “murder,” manipulating evidence and playing the media to make him look guilty.

She even goes to terrifying lengths to ensure her plans go smoothly, showing a terrifying level of commitment to her deceit. This portrayal of Amy Dunne had moviegoers rethinking their understanding of a ‘bad girlfriend’ to a whole new level.

Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter

Although not explicitly depicted as anyone’s girlfriend in the series, her obsessive, unrequited love for Voldemort, combined with her relentless cruelty, makes her a prime candidate for the list.

Bellatrix is unapologetically evil, enthusiastically carrying out Voldemort’s commands, and showing no mercy or compassion to anyone, even her own family.

Her unchecked rage and unrequited affection for a man incapable of love depict an unhealthy and obsessive relationship, which, combined with her dangerous behavior, earn her a spot on the list of worst movie girlfriends.

Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions

A calculating and manipulative figure, she uses her charm and high social status to toy with the emotions of those around her, especially her stepbrother and his girlfriend.

Kathryn showcases a toxic blend of jealousy, deceit, and cruelty, proving time and again that she’s more interested in power games and control than genuine affection or caring.

Her twisted bet to ruin the life of an innocent girl for her own amusement puts her high on any list of the worst movie girlfriends.

Marla Singer in Fight Club

An embodiment of chaos and self-destruction, Marla intrudes the support groups our unnamed protagonist (Edward Norton) frequents to experience a sense of reality, despite neither of them having the conditions the groups are designed for.

Her toxic and enabling relationship with the protagonist and his alter ego, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), creates an explosive love triangle that exacerbates their existing issues rather than providing support or comfort.

Marla’s unabashed manipulation and her affinity for pandemonium make her a character that’s hard to forget, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Annie Wilkes in Misery

Annie Wilkes takes the concept of the ‘crazy girlfriend’ to a whole new level.

In the Stephen King adaptation, Annie rescues her favorite author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) from a car crash, only to hold him captive when she discovers he plans to kill off her favorite character.

Her obsession veers into madness as she forces Paul to rewrite his novel, committing unspeakable acts of violence to keep him under her control.

Annie’s twisted perception of love, coupled with her violent possessiveness, firmly lands her a spot on this list of the worst movie girlfriends of all time.

Regina George in Mean Girls

As the queen bee of the Plastics, Regina rules North Shore High School with an iron fist cloaked in a pink, fuzzy sweater.

She’s manipulative, conceited, and mean-spirited, particularly towards her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Aaron Samuels.

Whether she’s cheating on Aaron with Shane Oman in the school projection room, or getting back with Aaron just to spite Cady, it’s clear Regina’s interests in the relationship are far from selfless.