Why did Mandy Moore Quit Singing?

Not too long, Mandy Moore almost gave up hope! She thought that the best parts of her life were behind her.

Even though she had dreams of being a musician and songwriter, she failed to make music in years. This was also the case for her acting career, which looked done and dusted.

Much of her spirit in music and acting was annihilated by rejection, and an unhappy marriage did little to console her.

Mandy Moore felt unseen. Disposable. At past 30, she felt her time was up.

It wasn’t clear why the actress quit her childhood dreams.

In a revealing interview with The New York Times, the actress spilled the beans!

Why did Mandy More quit singing?

The talented musician and actress quit singing because of creative differences. More’s contract with Sire Records ended in 2006, and she quit her music and singing career.

She had signed with Sire on a two-year deal before leaving in 2006.

Other personal issues in her life also led her to quit. Ryan Adams, her spouse, allegedly didn’t support her singing career.

So, there you have it, folks. It turns out your favourite singer quit because she differed with her recording label.