Why Did Kevin Smith Name His Daughter Harley Quinn

One of the most close-knit father-daughter relationships in Hollywood has got to be Kevin Smith and Harley Quinn’s.

While she started acting at an early age, Harley Quinn rose to prominence when she starred in Cruel Summer. Her appearance in this film gave rise to many questions.

Most were about whether her name was real. As a result, Harley Quinn had to answer to her fans about the origins of her name as it resembled that of a comic book character.

After starring in several films such as A Local Hero and a TV movie called The Prince, she was cast in Cruel Summer. Unfortunately for her, this film did not do well at the box office.

As a result of its poor performance, many people speculated that it had to do with the name Harley Quinn as they felt it prevented viewers from enjoying the films’ plotline. In response to this, Harley Quinn revealed that her father decided to give her this name. And so the question is why did Kevin Smith choose this name for his daughter?

Harley Quinn Smith is Named After A Comic Character

One of the reasons behind naming his only child after a comic character has got to be due to its uniqueness.

In life, it is only natural to want something extraordinary. It could be an object or a name that would make us stand out from the rest of society.

This desire for uniqueness was what led Kevin Smith to give his daughter this unusual moniker.

Having said that, Harley Quinn realizes that she has been given a big responsibility when people call her by this name.

She understands that, as she is now a role model to many who look up to her. It would be best for them if she keeps herself composed and classy.

This has made Harley respond well when people call out to her on the street or during interviews. This is because she is often mistaken for the comic book character of the same name.

People’s Thoughts

Suicide Squad premiered in 2016. This film features the Harley Quinn character who is played by Margot Robbie.

Prior to its release, there was a lot of discussion on how did Kevin Smith feel about his daughter being called after an animated comic book character with questionable morals?

Though many people believe that he had no qualms with this at all as it seemed like they were on good terms.

However, the fact that Kevin Smith felt it was time for his daughter to move on and take up new roles has cast some doubts over this matter.

If he had not been happy with Harley Quinn being called after a comic book character, would she have received such opportunities? Or did he simply want her to go for a fresh start?

Kevin Smith did not give many details about why he decided to name his daughter after Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. However, it is clear that this was done with good intentions and there were no ill feelings involved!

Kevin Smith is a Big DC Fan

Naming your kid after a DC character could mean many things.

In Kevin Smith’s case, it could mean that he is a big fan of DC comics. In fact, the director has admitted that his daughter was named after Harley Quinn as she reminded him of some characters from comic books which were special to him.

Harley Quinn is not the only child who received this name.

Many other kids have been given this moniker as well. In fact, it is a popular choice among parents for their daughters!

Now that you know why Kevin Smith chose the name Harley Quinn to call his daughter by, what do you think about it?

Is there any other reason behind naming her after a comic book character aside from being a big fan of DC comics?

Are there other reasons behind some parents choosing this name for their kids as well?

So that is why Kevin Smith gave Harley Quinn this unique name! Today, Harley Quinn continues to act in films and TV shows while also running her own lifestyle blog.