Why Did Donald Glover Leave Community? He Didn’t See a Bright Future For The Show

The famous sitcom “Community” has amassed a pretty loyal fan base ever since it started airing in 2009.

However, even though it has achieved huge success, it never reached popularity heights like “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”. 

Many believe that the reason for this is that many famous actors who were a part of the show left a lot earlier than anticipated, which resulted in a fragmented storyline. 

One of these actors is Donald Glover, better known by his stage name, Childish Gambino. 

Glover left the show somewhere in 2014, leaving the fans of his character heartbroken. But why exactly did the actor leave “Community”? Let’s check out the details. 

The Real Reason Donald Glover Left Community

As we said, Donald’s departure from “Community” in 2014 came as a shock to the viewers. Naturally, rumors started spreading about the potential causes, but none were really confirmed at the time. 

However, before we get into his reasoning, let’s check out the backstory of the show. 

First of all, the show always had a very loyal fan base, but it didn’t really record some mind-blowing viewership numbers compared to other sitcoms that were airing at the time. 

The first signs of struggle occurred when NBC dropped “Community” midseason to make room for “30-Rock.” 


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On top of that, after the third season, the creator Dan Harmon was fired for allegedly being “difficult to work with”.

Additionally, after a not-so-remarkable fourth season, Sony Television fired actor Chevy Chase for his extremely aggressive and alleged racist on-set behavior. This was only one in a string of main character departures. 

At that point, Donald knew that his talents were better suited elsewhere. As he didn’t see a bright future for the show, he announced that he was leaving to focus on other more fulfilling projects.

Dan Harmon, the creator, was hired back for the fifth season and one of his first goals was to try and convince Donald to come back. However, his efforts were unsuccessful. Donald appeared in five more episodes before leaving the show permanently. 

Even though Dan tried to convince everyone that Donald’s departure wouldn’t be the end of the show, now that we look at it, it turns out that it was. 

In an interview when he was asked about the show, Donald said, “I left the show because my heart wasn’t really in it anymore. I wasn’t feeling happy and I owed it to myself to try and change that. Don’t get me wrong, Community is one of the best shows on TV, but it’s not for me anymore. I wanna make some awesome s*** from now, on my own terms.” 

Since leaving the show, he has won two Emmys and five Grammys.