Why did Conan O’Brien Leave The Simpsons?

Conan Christopher O’Brien is a television host, actor, comedian, writer, producer, and podcaster. He is famous for hosting various talk shows, including Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, both on NBC and Conan on TBS. Before turning into a host, he wrote for The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. 

In 1991, he left Saturday Night Live to produce and write for Lookwell. Despite the show broadcasting on NBC, his script was not selected. He later signed up to write and produce The Simpsons, where he was made a supervising producer.

In a speech he presented at Havard in 2000, the host credited The Simpsons with rescuing him from the career slump he experienced before. The episodes he wrote include New Kid on the Block, Marge vs. the Monorail, Homer Goes to College, and Treehouse of Horror IV.


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He developed Captain Horatio McCallister’s character and named Patty Bouvier’s iguana Jub-Jub. He considers Marge vs. the Monorail his favorite episode. He briefly appeared in Bart Gets Famous when Bart appeared in his show. Many people wonder why he left The Simpsons. 

He succeeded David Letterman on NBC’s Late Night in 1993 after David went to CBS. He hosted the show until early 2009, when Jimmy Fallon replaced him. In the same year, he was appointed the host of The Tonight Show, replacing Jay Leno. He then moved to TBS to host his show, Conan. During the final episode in June 2021, Homer Simpson cameoed to give the host his last interview. The video starts with O’Brien being informed that someone from TBS has arrived to interview him. 

Homer comes in and starts a loving, goofy, and originally Simpsons homage to the former writer. Homer confuses the host for one of the members of Impractical Jokers and describes the premise for his Simpsons episode, Marge vs. the Monorail, as stupid.

All this makes up for a bittersweet reunion in his last appearance in the show. The emotional undertones and friendly roast were marvelous. The send-off had many guests, tributes, memories, and a lot more. It illustrated an outstanding career in the show. He brought his distinct mixture of quick wit, goofiness, intelligence, and sincerity laid a mark in talk show hosting. 

He Moved to HBO Max

Even though he seemed less qualified compared to his predecessors and competitors, he left the talk show with his head high since he had the longest tenure as a late-night host. His fans should not be worried since he is moving to HBO Max.

Even though the details are scanty on the show’s focus, fans can be sure that it will not have guest interviews. This means that fans will be thrilled by his irrelevant comedy. He will also produce his popular show, Conan Without Border, since WarnerMedia and Discovery own TBS and HBO. 

It is also not clear if he will continue creating his shows at San Diego Comic-Con every year though everyone is allowed to imagine since it is hard to imagine Conan without his late-night trademark. He will also continue to produce TV shows through his company Conaco and his podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. 

While updating the upcoming HBO Max, he revealed that he is working on it though he does not know when it will premiere. He said, “Have you ever had a term paper when you were in high school, and it was due on a Thursday, and Thursday came by, and you didn’t have it?” He also confirmed that it would include more travel sections. He confessed, “What I’d like to focus on is the stuff that I think I’m particularly useful at or adept at. I want to double down on that… remotes, and when I’m with real people in real situations, that’s exactly the kind of stuff I’m thinking about and want to do.”